♨ feast on this

this past weekend mr.c & i:

got an oil change

enjoyed the nice weather + a thunderstorm or two

watched many (many!) episodes of Heroes

and ate some scrumptious goodies!

*avocado, honey turkey, provolone sandwich

*regular pancakes & some with hot cocoa mix whipped in

*amazing fruit custard pie from Lund’s

*fresh green beans + “Hawaiian” pork chops


2 thoughts on “♨ feast on this

  1. That food looks so good. Especially those sandwiches and the green beans and Hawaiian pork chops. What are the Hawaiian pork chops anyways?

    • haha hawaiian pork chops .. well we got some hawaiian marinade from the store hoping it would takes like the hawaiian pork we had in -you guessed it- hawaii but it wasn’t even remotely the same. this one was very vinegar-y. we weren’t fans….if we do find a good marinade or recipe i’ll be sure to share though!

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