first caught this upbeat number on Glee which started me on a hunt for the original. been listening to both versions on repeat during my bus rides to work this week. really hope you enjoy it!

Up Up Up by Givers


2 thoughts on “✰mixtape

  1. SUPER cute song! :) Very peppy. I love your taste in music. :) I like pretty much all kinds of music, but I tend to listen to country & Christian….and the same songs over & over & over. Drives the hubbs crazy, but I like songs I know because I know the words and can sing and pretend I’m doing a concert or something, haha. But my playlists are boring. Love your mixtape posts!

    • thanks! :) i listen to music practically every second i can and i’m always looking for the next song to love. sadly, i’m not a country fan, so i’ll have to be your alternative music specialist. but i’m the same way – i love a song, listen to it on repeat, and i loooove to sing along! i’m a lyrics fiend….

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