so this morning over a bowl of cereal, mr.c + i discussed how perfectly timed my trip to New Orleans is.

see – a new computer game called Diablo 3 comes out the day after my flight leaves. this release is apparently a “huge deal” among gamers, they have been waiting years & years for the latest addition of Diablo. mr.c even has it preordered so it’ll arrive at our house the day it’s releaed in stores.

now, while i won’t even attempt to understand the importance of this game nor the excitement around it, i do know that the second that game is in mr.c’s hands it’s bye bye megan and hellllloooo Diablo 3. he’s already told me he’ll hardly miss me that week.


so, basically this game will take my place & become his new wife. and with me out of the picture (aka without me around to make him go to bed at a decent hour or eat something semi-healthy for dinner) you can bet mr.c’ll be staying up ’til 4am every night and alternating between pizza & cereal for meals. oh boys and their games…

anyway, this morning’s conversation continued on with mr.c saying, “bet you didn’t realize what a nerd i was until you married me”. to which i responded, “no. no i did not….plus you watch those weird japanese cartoons too…jeez dude”. his retort, “speak for yourself nerd! uh, you like computers, were in band in high school, and like theater…” i just laughed and quipped back, “saying i like computers is ridiculous! besides it just makes me technically savvy. as for band and theatre, well, that’s just creatively inclined and ‘cultural’. not nerdy!”

 mr.c just grinned at me and cranked up his crazy anime show.

moments later

as i walk to the bus stop i flip on my iPod,

only to be greeted by the opening notes of… the Star Wars theme song.

mr.c’s response?

“told you!”

ha, thank god we love each other anyway…

whatta buncha nerds!

yeah...that's me.... :)

Happy Wednesday everyone! xo, Meg


4 thoughts on “banter

  1. Haaaa! Deckard Cain+ Ryan for a vacation/new marrieds blog. Good times. I, personally, will be trying to desist playing, as I need to be working meg hard around that time, even though Diablo has always been a part of my obsessive-gonna-go-screw-around life (Saddly, if it had come out during winter like it was supposed to, I would have played my fingers off). Viva nerd-dom.

    • haha viva nerd-dom!!! :) p.s. shortly after this post was put up, i found an iphone case that was han solo in carbonite… mr.c laughed when he saw it b/c 1)we have no iphone and 2) he knew i secretly wished i did just so i could have that case!

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