♨ feast on this

Cafe Carty proudly presents…

Ragtag Thai

aka you have Thai noodles but lack the necessary ingredients for any of the recipes you’ve find online so you grab random sh*t from your cupboards, cross your fingers, and hope it turns out edible

hehe, yeah… bet you’re thinking Mr.C is super lucky right now, amiright?

Well truth is, despite the uncertainly I had going into this – the dish actually turned out to be heavenly!

So, here is how you make Ragtag Thai!

№ 1 Get a box of A Taste of Thai Rice Noodles (you can find ’em at Target/Walmart). Take the desired amount of noodles out and  soak them in a bowl/or pan of really hot tap water for 25-30mins. While they soak you can prep the rest of the dish.

№ 2 Gather your ingredients. Here’s a picture of some of the things I used for the sauce. I also used this time to defrost shrimp, sweet pea pods, and carrots.

№ 3 Mix together 1/4 cup of soy sauce, 2 tbls honey, sprinkle of pepper, dash of garlic, 2 tbls brown sugar, and the juice of an orange (this is to taste! you could use the whole orange + yest, half an orange, or in my case all we had was a single tiny clementine so that’s all I used). If you have ginger, red pepper flakes, sesame seeds, peanuts, or anything else you might like in your Thai dish feel free to do so! This dish is all about improvisation.

№ 4 Heat up sauce in pan or wok. Toss veggies + protein (shrimp, chicken, tofu) + noodles into the pan. Cook until throughly heated.

№ 5 Eat immediately!!

So, that is how you make Ragtag Thai!

My review: it was really good for a “made-up” dish but there are some things I would tweak. For example – the soy sauce was a little strong+bitter for my taste. However, I think with adequate amount of orange juice + something to add some heat ie: ginger, red pepper flakes it would have tasted much better. Also, this dish was a bit on the sweet side, which did not bother me in the slightest but is something I think you should be aware so you can plan accordingly  in case “sweet” is not your style.

If anyone ends up making this dish or something similar I’d love to hear all about it – so please leave a comment or send me an email. Excited to hear your thoughts + any variations you come up with!

Also, I am linking this post up with Jam Hands for Recipe Sharing Monday. Hop over + check out some the delicious dishes being featured!

Jam Hands

Guten Appetit!


6 thoughts on “♨ feast on this

  1. Nice! That looks good. This is what most of our dinners consist of. Which is probably why I never post recipes. I may have to try this out sometime! I love Thai food :)

    • haha exactly! :) but definitely try it – you can even do it with reg. pasta (like angel hair or something). that way you can tweak the sauce to your liking.

      • ginger for sure and peanut oil in the wok, use orange juice and skip the sugar/honey? Or do we need some honey to thicken the sauce? Add peanuts? yumm, good improv, comes from working there, hee heee

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