sunday snapshots

this weekend we just let everything go. no bank runs, no errands, no laundry or dishes. no obligations. we simply just let go and threw ourselves into April with some good ol’ fashioned living.


started out with magenta pants, a haircut for the Mr., and a late afternoon lunch (aka “linner”) at Curran’s Family Restaurant.

sweater with bow pocket - Goodwill, silver tank top - Old Navy, magenta pants - Target, flip flops - Goodwill, sunnies - Target


Mr.C - biscuits+gravy, eggs over easy, & hashbrowns
Me - pickle, fries, and my fave - a Monte Cristo with delicious strawberry sour cream dip

it was Mr.C’s “day of decision” (aka any plans/activities for the day were gentleman’s choice) so we ended up walking the MOA for some exercise before spending two hours at sea. that’s right – Mr.C wanted to visit the MOA’s Aquarium so we spent the rest of the afternoon mesmerized by the jellyfish tanks and the amazing shark + fish tunnel (where the creatures swim around you + above you). it was magical.

jellies, sharks, "fin facts", mr.c & me, mr.C & a giant "sucker fish", turtle, sharks!, and dwarf sea horses (they were super small!)

we finished off our hot date with a small cup of Paciugo’s gelato which we shared. i wished they had the orange-chocolate like they had last time but the red velvet & crunchy cheesecake made up for it.

yum yum

of course no sunday is complete without getting groceries. we even bought the ingredients to make the Raspberry Lemonade Smoothies that I spotted on pinterest. Can’t wait ’til a warm day to give these a try – delicious!


so there you have it. a few snapshots from our sunday!

wishing you all a great week!


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