Things That Seem Normal When You Live Alone

while prepping my playlist for a marathon dish washing sesh i stumbled upon the video below.

which resulted in me laughing out loud..(okay, okay, so it was more like howing)… pounding my feet on the mattress. and struggling to catch my breath.

so, yes, it really is that amusing.

and yes, this was me in college.

and, finally, yes, i have spent the night with Mr.Laundry Pile, peed with the door open, + chopped up carrots for a salad with my mouth.

(on more occasions than i care to count)


gotta  ❤ this video

so….what are some weird things that you’ve done while living alone?


9 thoughts on “Things That Seem Normal When You Live Alone

    • some of us over here still does those things too lol but for the record i’d never give guests half chomped carrots. that’s where i draw the line ;)

  1. Ha! That was a great video. I always pee with the door open when I’m home alone.. and talk/sing to myself in various very odd ways!

  2. I never shut my bathroom door…ever…
    I also talk and sing to the cats, a lot…
    I sleep in the same shirt I wore to work, unless its uncomfortable…
    and I’m sure there are a million and one other things I do that are not normal, I just don’t know it. ;)

    • haha amen sistah ;) and i also used to sleep in the same shirt i wore during the day – well as long as it was a tshirt or tank. i also use the same plate or glass over and over again….

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