weekend review

I have the next few days off from work so my “weekend” is far from over but here’s what we’ve been up to so far…


✔ hit up the bank as usual then stopped off at H&R Block to (finally!) complete our taxes. It’s been 3 long weeks but our tax gurus were eventually able to come up with a solution for our complex return. hurray! after all this malarkey you can bet we’re looking forward to having more simple taxes next year (hello married filing joint in only one state!). anyway, this year I’ll be getting a lovely $7 back while Mr.C gets about approx. $350 and after subtracting out the $200 it cost us to get ’em done we’re looking at about $157 take home. not too shabby.

✔after taxes, we decided to treat ourselves to a late lunch before I headed off to work. we ended up at Burger Jones on West Lake St. and man was it delicious!! Our mouths were watering just from the smell + when we finally got our food it did not disappoint. Buttery buns, perfectly cooked meat, melty cheese, and fries to boot! yumyumYUM! I had a mushroom swiss burger while Mr.C gobbled up one with bacon and cheese. Sure it was an indulgent splurge but make no mistake, we savored every single bite. :)

✔ later that afternoon I headed to work and Mr.C stayed home to enjoy some alone time. Work was long but super fun since I worked alongside both M. and J.G. Always have a great time with those guys! And did I mention that Jesse & Lauren of Our Crazy Ever After graced us with their presence? Yep. Those two came downtown last minute to enjoy an hour of late night improv. It was nice to see them + I’m glad to hear they had a good time. If anyone else is interested – the show is only $5, happens every Saturday night at 10pm, and is guaranteed hilarious, unscripted fun.

✔ after work, Mr.C & I chilled out at the apt. with snacks + a couple eps. of Law & Order SVU. my fave!


✔ we woke up early and attended the 11:10am showing of The Hunger Games. apparently for shows before noon tickets are only $5/ea. so glad we found out as we now will have a cheap way to feed our movie addiction! and as far as my review of the film goes…. I ♥’d it! It so lived up to my expectations, did the book justice, and was an overall great movie experience. I cannot wait until the next installment, “Catching Fire,” which is slated to hit theaters in November 2013. Until then I’ll have to tide myself over by re-reading the series.

✔ Following the film, we hit grabbed groceries, ate lunch, and fiddled with Mr.C’s laptop some more. We finally got around to purchasing the software suggested by “our computer guy” and are now waiting to get in touch with him again so we can hopefully (fingers crossed!) install it & fix the problems. If all goes well this will solve the issue if not…ugh… I don’t even want to think about it…

✔ The rest of today is up for grabs with tentative plans to take a walk & wash the dishes. A few more episodes of SVU might be in order. Love that show! Plus it might help stave off our sorrow of no more Sunday night Walking Dead dates since the finale was last week. Really wish some shows never went on break…

So, that’s what we have been up to lately!

How was your weekend?


6 thoughts on “weekend review

  1. We had so much fun. Thank you for the good word on the shows. We hope to do it again before we retreat to the burbs for a lifetime of monotony and boredom. Lame.

    • anytime! glad you had fun! :) haha and no worries, i’ll be sure to drag your lamesaucebooty out of those suburban shackles every once and awhile…that is unless mr.c + i end up in them too. lol in that case we can all go to BINGO together before our 8pm bed times.

  2. Started my weekend with The Hunger Games, who didn’t? Followed by a wonderful visit to the Burpee Museum in Rockford to see Jane, the world’s most complete juvenile trex, Canadian exhibit on Ice age mammals,and much more, including effigy mounds on the Rock River only minutes by foot from the museum. Ending the weekend with a wildflower stroll in Savanna’s Palisades, and photographing spring in Mount Carroll. We live in paradise.

  3. I must try Burger Jones, I have heard good things about it so i really should go sometime.

    I too really liked Hunger Games. I don’t think I would have enjoyed it if it was not for reading the book. They did a terrific job with it though – there is only so much you can really capture in a movie.

    • it really was tasty! i want to go back just to have a shake/malt for dessert. salt caramel or a chocolate pretzel one…yum.

      mr.c hadn’t read it but still enjoyed the film but i agree, it was probably more exciting since i’d read it. they did a really good job with the adaptation though. cannot wait for the next one!

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