thursday thoughts

linking up with Sar over at [life of love] for today’s post


i am loving the weather lately. most people i know always complain when it rains and sure i hate that it gives me crazy wavy frizzalicious hair but come’on, how can you not love the low rumbling across the sky, the build-up of rain droplets on the window pane, the low-lit gray skies that magically tint the world with a special glow (you know the one…)! mmm, yep, these past few days have been lovely.


i think coming off of twelve-hour work days really did a number on poor mr.c. tuesday night he came home early from work because he’d gotten sick + then yesterday (wed.) he stayed home. the good news is he’s feeling much better today so it’s off to work he goes. but seriously, he’s the best “sick guy” around. he hardly complains, is hugely appreciative of anything you offer him, plus he kept trying to help with the housework even though he wasn’t feeling well! i thought i might have to tie him to his chair and force him to play video games+relax… silly man. luckily whatever bug he had wasn’t too serious, nothing a little chicken soup + extra rest couldn’t fix!


i’m really thankful for all the friends i’ve met through blogging. and yes, i do consider them friends. as lifestyle bloggers, we share a ton of personal things in our posts & on some occasions share even more via email or facebook. although we might be thousands of miles away we still share many laughs + memories, confide in each other, and turn to one another for comfort, advice, or to get the truth, even when it’s hard to hear. sure, many of us haven’t met in “real life” but that doesn’t mean we aren’t friends. so, thank you, my modern pen pals (+ those who i have had the pleasure of meeting in “real life” ) – i truly appreciate you and our friendship! :)


i’m excited for a certain-someone’s birthday present to arrive next week. as i mentioned, mr.c’s fam is coming up for a visit and while they’re here we’ll be celebrating sister A’s 16th birthday. and i’m fairly certain i’ve found the perfect gift. honestly, i think it’s one of best feelings – when you search around, have that sudden inspiration, and walk away knowing that this item or experience is “the one”. now the waiting begins….thrilled to see what she thinks!


i am always a little disappointed because it seems like i keep missing out on all the cool swaps that have been happening in  blog land. so imagine how happy i was finally catch one! i’ll be participating in a coffee mug swap hosted by Susan of Suzels Says. can’t wait to see what kind of mug i get! p.s. click here to find out how to join in the fun – it’s going on until the end of April.

so, there you have it.

some of my thoughts on this gloriously gloomy Thursday!

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