a quickie

haha and i’m not talking about the intimate kind ;) get your minds outta the gutter people!

nope, i’m referring to a quick update on life as of late.

so here’s what’s happening with the Cartys:

had my job interview today & it went okay/well. i won’t know for a few weeks; we’ll see if i get called back for a second interview. having mixed emotions about the position at the moment (despite the bump in $) as another potential job on the horizon has me a bit more excited. could it be that i’m finally ready for something new? hmm…. 

my apologies for being so vague but i don’t feel at liberty to disclose everything just yet. but stay tuned. :)

in other news – after months of playing phone + email tag with our apartment managers&staff we may have finally brought our garage saga to a close. for those who have been following we signed a lease for a garage back in oct/november. it took us a month to finally get the correct keys and then the next month is when we discovered our little car didn’t even fit in the shoe box they were calling a garage so we spoke with the manager about getting out of the lease. she said that was fine, understandable even, and we turned in our keys + stopped paying for the garage.

2 months pass and we started getting bills slipped under our door. what the heck?! they were for back pay on the garage we weren’t even using. we sent emails, wrote letters, left phone messages but no one would ever get back to us about this. today, i came home our third (third!!!) notice slipped under the door. i ran down to the office hoping to catch the manager (they’re never in) and thank god i did. now she’s looking into it for us and going to get things resolved once and for all. whew, finally!!

in the world of Mr.C things are fine and dandy as he is back to working his old shift (starting at 12pm instead of 10am). although we appreciated the extra cash, the twelve hour days were really wearing on him. the extra hours of sleep is making him happier + more focused so he can keep doing such a stellar job at Werner. he is also insanely excited because Diablo III (a computer game) is finally being released after years of development. in fact this morning he told me that Diablo III is going to be his new hobby. lol not sure if that’s possible but he’s definitely gonna try. he also informed me that he has an “in” at the Subway near work and that the lady there give him extra cheese & chicken on his sandwiches. he’s such a charmer!

well that’s about it for updates around here! hope everyone’s week is going well! i’m off to play catch-up with some chores.


2 thoughts on “a quickie

  1. Cute picture :) Love the outfit. I’m glad the garage worked out and I feel ya on the job. I’m looking to switching jobs and we’ll see how things go. I wish you lots of good luck!! I’m sure you’ll get what you want :)

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