thoughts on things vol. 1

:: on marriage+relationships ::

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, it really is all about choosing your partner in a million little ways (and sometimes a few big ones!) day after day. mix in a little compromise, communication, and commitment and you’ve got a recipe for a pretty rockin’ relationship. oh and love of course, but that’s kinda a given

:: on money :: 

over the past few months i’ve come to realize that money is a huge part of a marriage+relationship. after all, ever since we moved into together & switched to joint banking even our money is married!

since we have different styles when it comes to handling finances, it was important for us to find a way to combine these in a way that would make us both happy and would set us up for success. it took a lot of talking and organization but we finally did it & i think it’s one of the smartest & best things we’ve done.

i’d urge every couple to get it together & be on the same page when it comes to the ‘ol benjamins because otherwise it has the potential to be come a big issue.

:: on food ::

it’s great to watch what you eat, to make healthy choices, and of course to consume lots fruits+veg. but it’s also crucial to not deprive yourself. if you avoid your favorite foods, let yourself get too hungry, and never give in to a tasty treat you are much more likely to end up overindulging on the wrong foods later. including certain foods in your diet rather than depriving yourself of them will help you stick to your healthy eating, encourage less junk food consumption, and most importantly, will keep you sane+happy.

:: on baby names ::

knowing a few couples who are expecting, i just had to pass this on. i only hope more people come to adopt this attitude in regard naming to a child after a family member or dear friend. Swistle is spot on when she says that “No one may demand a namesake be used, or complain if it isn’t. Namesakes are honors not be expected, but rather to be received with happy, teary-eyed surprise.” – could not have said it better myself.

:: on sex ::

…especially teen sex… some people continue to say that the safest sex is abstinence. in fact, it’s a common catch-phrase used to sex educations + media alike.  however, i’m here to set the record straight. abstinence means to not engage in sex. thus, no sex = no sex, not safe sex. and abstinence is a choice…not a birth control method!

 :: on college ::

both mr.c + i graduated from college and found jobs… not in our fields. (well, that’s only partially true since i was a psych major and you can apply that to basically anything – but you get what i mean!) anyway, he is working in a warehouse and i’m working at a comedy theatre.

i really enjoy my job, but lately i’ve been getting tired of people looking at me like “wha?” when they ask what my degree is + then find out what i do for work. ….”oh, so you’re not using your degree?”… the expression on their face is “whatta waste”.

honestly, i’m using my degree every day, in my job, on this blog, in my personal life and it just sounds depressing when my college degree is referred to as “unused”.

i know i’m not the only one who has experienced this so i’d like to offer you a new word, slightly better, more positive twist, and it is “unprofitable”. yep, after reading this article, i’m so down with this switch! no need to feel bad anymore because your degree isn’t “unused”; nope, it is now simply “unprofitable” at the moment. i dunno about you, but i definitely like that sound of that.

:: on thunderstorms ::

they make me feel cozy + refreshed + safe + alive all at the same time. they make me slow down and appreciate the moment. i love  falling asleep to the sound of rain on the window; tis a beautiful thing. and the loud crackle and boom of thunder, well, it a simple reminder that there really are bigger things out there in this world than just little you+ your little life, and i think that’s pretty darn cool. perspective people, that’s where it’s at!

so, what are your :: thoughts :: today?


6 thoughts on “thoughts on things vol. 1

  1. You know…our minds really are very similar places =) I really enjoyed reading this post! It’s crazy…sometimes your posts feel like my own little journal entries…even though I don’t keep a journal. I keep a blog. But if I kept a journal, it’d probably sound a lot like your blog. (or my blog…) But also your blog. Because we think similarly. Haha. That was confusing.

    • haha confusing to some but not to me :) probably b/c our minds really are very similar places. glad you enjoyed the post. thanks for reading…

  2. I couldn’t agree more about money and college and well, everything else. My husband and I figured out our financial thoughts pretty early in our relationship and it is SO nice to not have to worry and stress about it. The only thing we stress out about now is saving up enough *which isn’t anything to argue over*. My husband’s degree was in music (he actually got two in music) and he will probably not “use” his degree for quite some time, but that’s okay. He always says that as long as he has a job he likes, who cares? I like the word unprofitable. Thanks for the post :)

    • haha we are right there with you about saving up enough!! i always want more, more, more. in the savings but that takes patience+time…lol and money. :) and i am so with your husband on this one – as long as it’s a job you like (most of the time ;) ) + it pays the bills, then whatevs.

  3. Don’t feel bad about “not using your degree”. What is a degree anyway, but an into into a field of work? I doubt there is anybody who went into college knowing what they wanted to do with their degree and doing exactly that afterwards. Most employers just care that you finished, not what you studied. Experience is worth more, in my opinion. ;)

    • yep and i sorta knew that going in. most days undergrad is nothing but a way into grad school which is the real kicking off point to working “in your field”. i use my degree all the time b/c it’s pretty versatile. i just feel bad sometimes for mr.c b/c he loved his undergrad degree + that field and really hopes to work in it one day. but like you said, experience is worth more & not many people are working *exactly* in what they set out to do. and i know that he’ll get something out of his current job that will reflect somehow later in his life. you’re always learning after all :)

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