sunday morning stretch

it’s 9:55am. i’m still in bed. and mr.c just about punched me with his stretch ‘n yawn. oh, sunday.

to recap :: yesterday was both un&e ventful all at the same time.

we hit up the bank as usual, then wandered through IKEA hoping to pick up a new succulent (to commemorate 6 mo of being married) and to grab a curtain for the devil window. seriously! that thing has it in for me. sure it’s covered with a shade but somehow that sunlight sneaks in through the cracks anyway – waking me up hours before i need to be. so not appreciated after a late night of work lemme tell ya….

sadly, we left IKEA with only some free food samples because all the curtains were sheer + the succulents won’t be in stock again until May due to some store renovations. wah wah wahhh… however, we were able to snag a blackout curtain at Walmart for cheap. crisis averted. honestly folks you don’t want to see what happens to this monster of a lady when adequate sleep is not achieved.

anyway, after that we hit up Outback Steakhouse for lunch. it was a splurge but well deserved as both mr.c + i had long, tiring work weeks. plus we had a $10 off coupon! score! oh and their steak&lobster special is going on right now, definitely couldn’t miss out on that. fun fact: the price for 2 delicious steak dinners is equal to 2 movie tickets & popcorn. insane.

we rounded out St.Patrick’s day with mr.c lounging at home while I went off to work from 4-11:30pm. not wanting him to pick me up in the craziness that was downtown last night i decided to ride the “drunk bus” home instead. yeah, metro transit was giving out free rides in hopes of lowering the number of drunk drivers on the road. so yay for a free ride, boo for all the inebriated idiots. i saw drunken bicyclists, a few people getting arrested, a semi run a red light downtown going about super fast down a side street, a man in skin tight gold leggings, and a sighting or two of the Pedal Pub. oh and did i mention that it felt about 80° yesterday?! this weather is nuts!

as far as work goes, it’s been fine but exhausting. we’ve got a big event coming up on monday that we need to prep for. i’m even headed in this afternoon for a few hours to set up. yep…working on sunday.. thankfully i’ve got dinner with mr.c + his uncle to look forward to after i spend some agonizingly boring hours steaming linens and moving tables. and then tomorrow, i’m off to work again from 8am-4pm and on tuesday i’ve got a job interview.

yep, so that’s what’s been happening around here lately.

mr.c + i are both looking forward to things slowly down a little bit around here so we can catch our breath, cook some of the food that’s piling up in the freezer, relax, and enjoy the gorgeous weather we’ve been having.

so here’s hoping for that!

p.s. how was your weekend? :)


2 thoughts on “sunday morning stretch

  1. I watched Blue Man Group Saturday and it was awesome!! There were lots of drunks out there too when we were finding our parking spot and tons of busy bars.

    p.s. Even though you have curtains now, turning the blinds the other way helps some. So the curved part is toward the window instead of toward the inside of the house.

    • oh, Blue Man Group is so awesome! they put on such good shows. glad you had a good time! :) thanks for the tip on the blinds. i’ll have to try that!

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