excited about something but i don’t know what. yep,  i don’t know what it is but being in a good mood + the feeling of spring has my body hinting that something is afoot. but i have no clue what. have you ever had that feeling? of excitement and anticipation for an unknown something? it’s bizarre!

creating a clean”er” home over the next few weeks since Mr.C’s family is coming to visit the first weekend of April

reading nothing. wah wah wahhh… haven’t had much time to read lately. hoping to get into something good soon!

yearning for more Goji White Grape popsicles. i ate them all already and only have the pomegranate and acai blueberry flavors left – which are good but they’re still no Goji grape. seriously – the Goji White Grape are just about the best popsicles i’ve ever had. must get more – Edy’s Antioxidant Fruit Bars…yum….

looking forward to a job interview on tuesday! eek. it’s for a part-time position at another theatre in town + would allow me to still work at the BNW too which is fab! so crossing my fingers for that…

humming You & Me by KG and Lysik – love this song!

enjoying season finales. a lot of my shows have been ending for the season which is both disappointing + exciting.

scored a super cheap rack of ribs at Target for $1.99. ohhhhyeaa. and that’s not per pound people. that’s total for the whole thing!

loving this absolutely gorgeous weather!! high 70s, sunny perfection.

sipping water with lime. yum!

celebrating St.Patrick’s day tomorrow + 6 months of being married!! which is kinda exciting if i do say so myself!

so what’s currently happenin’ in your life? do you all have any great plans for this weekend?


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