Magpie Monday

This weekend Mr.C & I …

slept in  |  saw Wanderlust  |  listened to the rain  |  grabbed groceries

reorganized our budget  |  made future financial plans  |  enjoyed the beautiful weather

I also … worked + met Louie Anderson! while Mr.C … relaxed + played video games

Oh and we thrifted!

Originally I had hoped to find black pants/skirt & another button down for work but sadly I had no luck.

What I did find were these absolutely beautiful booties!

Although usually not my style, I slipped them on anyway and when they fit perfectly I knew they had to come home with me.

The booties are a blush/nude tone, kind of slouchy, and have a low heel.

I wore them with tights and a skirt to work and got called “Fancy Boots” a few times! :)

They are comfortable even after an 8 hr shift + make me feel great. Don’t you just love it when that happens?!

Goodwill, $4.99

Linking up with Magpie Monday at Me and My Shadow, click on the little Magpie Badge below to be magically transported there to view this week’s second-hand treasures.

Me and My Shadow

Happy Monday everyone!


15 thoughts on “Magpie Monday

    • agreed! :) and i’d never thought i’d be someone to be on trend for once lol or even wanting to be on trend. same goes for colored skinny jeans. and i swore i’d never wear leggings but guess what? i own a pair and they are heaven.

    • ha! i won’t. he was pretty nice though and joked with us at the box – his set went well, we heard the audience laugh a lot so that’s good.

    • thanks! yeah more often than not i come out empty handed. but if you visit regularly you’ll be bound to find something awesome eventually. :) minneapolis/st.paul has tons of estate sales going on (esp. in the spring/summer) which are always a blast.

    • thanks! i’m in love with them. never was much of a boot person until this year but now i can’t get enough! p.s. thanks, too, for stopping by!

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