Mr.C & Me + the CCC

a parody (in contemporary usage) is a work that imitates another work in order to ridicule, ironically comment on, or poke some affectionate fun at the work itself, the subject of the work, the author or fictional voice of the parody, or another subject.

you’ll notice that we’ve added a new tab to the top of our site labeled “the CCC”.

this is our attempt to parody & affectionately (key word: affectionately ❤ ! ) poke fun at those bloggers who are head-over-heels (and in some cases obsessed) with their pets. it is a nod to those who have entire pages + photo albums dedicated to their little fur babies, talk about their animals for hours on end like they are their children, provide their pets with extensive wardrobes, and create elaborate backstories + personalities for their non-speaking creatures.

in light of this trend, we have taken it upon ourselves to elevate our own fur thorn babies to the next level. for too long  have they hidden in the dusty archives of this blog. too long have they been looked down upon as merely “plants”.

the time for change is now.

today is their day.

2 thoughts on “Mr.C & Me + the CCC

    • haha thanks! and no, not you specifically. :) i read about 70 blogs and I venture to say about 35 of them have been pet obsessed more than usual lately.

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