yesterday, i . . .

….tried on the most beautiful pair of pants at Target. they were springy, brightly colored, and an almost perfect fit for my little knome body. sadly they were out of my exact size but should be getting a new shipment in next week. until then, i shall stalk them online + attempt to talk Mr.C into letting me bring them home. oh & bonus! they were on sale.

come to mama you magenta beauties :)

…helped clean Louie Anderson’s dressing room. he’ll be performing for a sold-out house at 7pm at the BNW tonight. everyone’s pretty excited! did i also mention he’s an alum of the BNW stage?

you go Louie!

… warmed up, improv-style, with R.T. Rybak, the mayor of Minneapolis. we were out in the lobby doing our all-company warm up when he walked by, smiled, and waved. one of the cast members, the fabulous Ellie Hino, opened the door and Mr. Mayor came right in and played “everybody go!” with us. he even did a cartwheel! it was pretty cool!

Mayor R.T. Rybak with BNW founder Dudley Riggs

So, how was your yesterday? And, more importantly, what kind of trouble are you getting into this weekend? :)

thanks for commenting!

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