so i’m sort of all over the place today. i wanted to blog but couldn’t come up with anything great to write. i wanted to do laundry but accidentally fell back to sleep after Mr.C left and now the washers are all full. i wanted to indulge in a little Modern Family but it wan’t a new episode last night. errrm so yeah, where were we? oh right, i’m sort of scattered and all over the place today so i figure why should this post be any different? random mutterings and nonsense commence!

randomosity #1 

taking awkward photos in the car. this was from last sunday. i was super giddy because we had really nice weather + Mr.C had informed me that he’d found a few gift cards tucked away & that we could now afford to go on a hot date to Applebee’s | the movies | grocery store | kohl’s for “free”. score!

and what are those peace signs you ask?! well when my bestie, Kt, and i were in Rhode Island on a student exchange we lived in a house with other exchange students both national + international. this pose was a favorite among the asian students when taking pictures. later on we were informed, by the students themselves, that they do this to be cute, say “peace”, and to slim their faces since the gesture covers the majority of their cheeks/face. couldn’t quite get a grasp on that concept, especially when they were extremely fit+slim ladies anyway but it’s just a part of their picture taking repertoire.

as you can see below, not sure it’s really working for me though (ahem, awkward double chin) but it was fun. i dedicate this to you Kt! enjoy.

randomosity #2

i’ll admit that when i’m at home or with friends (and even in front of my mama *gasp*) i swear like a sailor sometimes. and while i agree there are times when swearing can be inappropriate for the most part using the occasional “bad word” isn’t so bad after all. it’s great for relieving stress, expressing emotion, emphasizing a point, building camaraderie, etc. (you can read more about it here.)

anyway, as much as i enjoy having the creative license to speak however i’d like, i try to keep this blog pretty classy + my behavior at work professional. but facebook…well that’s another story. i get a little loosey-goosey on there sometimes. like this morning for instances when i chewed out my upstairs neighbor. but in my defense he’s been driving us batty lately. and no we haven’t an absolute clue who he is.  and sure my facebook status is pretty tame but trust me the real words going through my head would’ve made your grandmama blush. ;)

randomosity #3

saw this on a month or so ago but just recently had the chance to try it out and let me tell you it is aaahhhmazing! my mascara was getting a little clumpy & dry, so i add a few drops of contact solution, shook it up, let it stand over night and voilà it’s as good as new!

the original pinner said “MAKE MASCARA LAST 3X LONGER!! A typical mascara dries out before half of it is used. When your favorite mascara starts getting dry, add 4-5 drops of saline solution or eyedrops to the bottle. Insert your wand and stir and TA-DA!! Fresh mascara! This can be repeated 2 or 3 times until all you mascara is gone.”

so there you have it. 3 random thoughts on a Thursday. 

hope to see you back here tomorrow for Fill In The Blank Friday!


14 thoughts on “scattered

  1. Life is Random…why not your blog? There is beauty random…and fun. Take a broom and beat the ceiling like Laverne and Shirley…that’d be sooooooo funny…unless he turns out to be Jeffrey Dahmer…then. Not. So. Funny.

  2. Thanks for the mascara tip! That’s good to know :)

    My best friend was an exchange student from Japan and her friends and her used to do the “peace signs”. It’s cute. Side story: I had a PB & J sandwich one time and they were shocked that I put those two together on a sandwich. They took a picture of it, ha! Too funny :)

    • it works so well!! :) haha gotta love exchange students. really wish i couldn’t have gone “over seas” during college. ah well, one day i’ll make it over there, somewhere. haha

    • well the one in the photo was from pinterest (bad blogger not giving photo credit). though i have tried it before. my faaaave is Maybelline lashblast The Colossal. it’s a yellow bottle with flashy purple letters. works so well!

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