loving dry shampoo. that stuff is seriously a miracle in a bottle.

watching A Bug’s Life

making kale chips! yum.

yearning for spring weather!

mostly because i just cannot wait to break out my new kicks! (also bought with amazon gift card money i might add.)

eating organic pomegranate fruit leathers from Target, on sale a box of 25 for $4 – sahweet!

looking ahead to an extremely busy week.

i’ll be working in the box office tues-saturday. in my little theater world sunday+monday is the new weekend! oh, and louie anderson will be doing his one-night only show on saturday night too so i’m hoping to be able to sneak in for a little bit but we’ll see.

thankful for a fun-filled weekend.

sure it started out rocky with us attempting to get our taxes sorted out (think about just married, just moved, recent full-time students with W-2s from 2 different states and you’ve got yourself a complex situation!). luckily, the lovely people over at H&R Block seem to have sorted it out for us, so after a few headaches + a frantic phone call home (okay that was all me, but hey, these things get me worked up!), we’re finally on our way to paying Uncle Sam.

the good things just kept on rollin’ in as Mr.C & I successfully spent a Spending-Free Sunday together. Okay, okay, so we did shell out a few bucks for groceries but when you take into account we went to Applebee’s for lunch (free! hurray for gift cards!), picked up a new skillet w/ lid + new undapantz at Kohl’s (also free! gotta love gift cards!), saw Project X in theaters (free! with $ credits from our movie Stubs Card) and yes it was epic + had a great soundtrack, and saved $25 on groceries (yet another gift card) it doesn’t seem that bad!!

appreciating Mr.C!

1) because he puts up with my crazy, often bossy + stubborn self, 2) because he’s been working 50+ weeks lately and 3) because he decided to cook dinner last night. chicken quesadillas on the foreman grill. delish!

listening to Ca Plane Pour Moi by Plastic Bertrand.

uh, yeah! where as this been all my life!

Happy Monday everyone! xo, meg


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