Roses & Thorns

Back when I was an RA in college we used to start our staff meetings out with our “highs & lows” of the day. After googling this classic icebreaker I discovered it goes by many other names ie: happies/crappies (blech…), temperature check, and roses & thorns. I particularly liked that visual so that’s what we’re going with today + it seems perfect because as far as highs & lows go, this week has definitely been a mixed bag bouquet…

☝more work hours for both of us this week ☟craving popcorn and not having any
☝super fun double date this past sunday to Dave & Buster’s ☟blogger’s block, lack of motivation/ideas, scarcity of posts
☝fresh fruit in the ‘ol refridg and yummy chicken quesadillas ☟the recent snow, our springy weather was so nice
☝catching up on Walking Dead last night ☟the “finale” of Pan Am
☝chatting with friends & family from “back home” yesterday ☟reorganization of priorities & $$ due to financial changes


What are your roses & thorns today?

xo, Meg


4 thoughts on “Roses & Thorns

    • haha what’s the other tv show you have to watch? p.s. you can always catch up on The Walking Dead online. honestly it’s so worth the watch! :)

      glad to know i’m not the only one. wishing you a quick blogging block recovery :)

  1. watching final episode of Parenthood on Netflix- sigh- but then finding the most recent ones on Hulu

    talking to my daughter, but then missing her

    feeling Spring in the air and then snow, then loving the snow and it melts…

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