I can see clearly now…

the rain is my glasses are gone! ha! Okay, so that was pretty lame. But it’s oh so true! I had a great experience at Calhoun Vision Center, Dr. Lawrence was a hoot + is one of those honest types that tells it like it is which is very much appreciated in an optometrist just as it is in a doctor or a car repair person. Anyway, I highly recommend him. Plus, I am thrilled to have my contacts back. Now I can wear my sunglasses again! Ah, it’s the small victories. :) Oh, & I’ll be headed back there in a few weeks to pick up my contacts and maybe order some new glasses too. Gotta love picking out new frames! I know which ones I won’t be purchasing….heheheh….

In other news, we stopped by the bank and deposited my paychecks into our savings. It’s so nice to see it growing!

We also picked up some new steel-toe boots for the Mr. at no cost to us as his company give them an allowance which is freakin’ awesome.

So that’s our Saturday thus far. Nothing super exciting.

Mr.C is going to spend the rest of the day relaxing and watching tv which is much deserved after his 54 hr work week. And I’ll be bringing in a little more bacon as I’m working as an usher at BNW again tonight. Should be a fun night with two show times (5 + 8pm) with the later show being followed by an hour of unscripted, unpredictable, hilarious improv. That’s right, tonight is the kickoff for a new season of Saturday Late Night Improv. Can’t wait! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it gives me a few more hours this week -hurray for a 37hr work week. Too bad I can’t have this many hours all the time…

We hope to do something fun tomorrow. Maybe even extra somethings if this nice weather keeps up :)

Hope everyone’s weekend is going well!

xo, meg


5 thoughts on “I can see clearly now…

  1. Sounds like you two are doing great. Actually, I kind of like those big black glasses on you! Have a great weekend! I’m looking forward to the extra day on Monday. S & B are down at Eastern to see C. Take care. DB

    • thanks!! i actually like that style of glasses but perhaps a bit smaller. we’ll see…there are so many options to choose from! :) hope all is well with you + the fam. we miss everybody back home. E said something about dragging C & M up for a visit this summer so the Fab 4 (and Mr.C of course!) can traipse around the city which would be way fun! :)

  2. Oh, but you are so cute in glasses! But I don’t wear them, so I have no idea! My hubby wears contacts, but I think he’s cute in glasses, too. But he won’t wear them or grow his hair out for me…Oh well!

    • aw you’re too sweet gwen! :) i like glasses esp. on days when you’re lazy or contacts are cooperating. but for everyday wear i just get annoyed having to push them up all the time, they fog up in the winter, feel sweaty in the summer + it doesn’t allow me to wear all my cute sunglasses. ha!

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