sunday shenanigans

today did not quite go as planned.

  • our (possibly) pancakes were an epic fail due to lack of baking powder. an attempt at “crepes” was made but that also ended dismally.
  • dinner+fun with friends was postponed (b, we hope you feel better soon!).
  • and some time with chat support confirmed (yet again) that dell’s customer service completely sucks. sucks i tell you! 

so what are we to do to remedy our so-far unsuccessful day?

  • hit up a movie. Chronicle. and hold hands like teenagers in the theatre + conclude that it was a good flick but that crazy camera work can make a certain someone okay it was me slightly nauseous.
  • grab a bit of Subway eat fresh for dinner before getting this week’s groceries
  • decide that Cub Foods in Edina can rock a produce section harder than any other store
  • come to the realization that with all the fresh fruit we bought we might be mistaken for fruitarians
  • snuggle up to the romantic comedy (ha!) that is The Walking Dead us some zombies

here’s hoping everyone had a good weekend! xo, meg


2 thoughts on “sunday shenanigans

    • that’s me too! i had a dell for years, never had problems, but it finally died from old age+virus and i switched to mac, which i adore. but Mr.C has a dell(alienware) computer and it’s had issue, after issue. so sad.

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