saturday shenanigans

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been awhile since our last post but as you know we’ve been working hard to get our blog up and running on WordPress. As of this morning, I am pleased to announce the transition is complete. Hurray! Now on to the good stuff…

Yesterday morning we slept in as usual, Mr.C later than me of course, and when he woke up we lounged in bed talking about what we might want to do before work. The usuals: mail, bank, groceries were on the table like always. Honestly, it’s like our version of Jersey Shore’s GTL [gym, tan, laundry for those of you who don’t indulge in mind-numbing albeit hilarious reality shows]. But we weren’t really feeling it and so, on a whim, I mentioned that there were a few estate sales going on this weekend and why not check out one near us. Shockingly, Mr.C was game so we drove over to Bloomington [secretly we’re actually dying + dreaming about going to an auction but figured this could tide us over for now]. 

Sadly, this little bad blogger forgot her camera, so I had to borrow a few from the estate sale’s website. The house was tiny and a bit run down. At one point I thought we might fall through the rotting, green-carpeted basement stairs since they looked weak & all the plump old ladies running up and down trying to find their husbands. Honey, can you come down and load up this milk glass I can’t carry it all! Honey, isn’t this cute? Omg, we need this in our guest room next to the antique spinning wheel and crockery! Ha, you get the picture. Anyway, I had fun poking around the house as it was filled to the brim with thousands of items, including knickknacks, books, musical instruments, and I truly could have spent all day there. Mr.C on the other hand…let’s just say he has a shorter attention span.

In the end I only walked away with ……… er, sadly I cannot tell you as it will be a Christmas gift for someone next year. But, I can say that if I’d had it my way I also would have brought home some fossils for my mama (they had buckets, but sadly no cool ones &/or mostly geodes), an antique wood chair (again, for mama, like the old ones you have but sadly after much investigation the bottom was cracking out), extremely old bibles (some in german, some in swedish) with leathery old covers + names + notes written on the inside (i’m a sucker for old faded handwriting), and finally, my favorite, a box full of vintage photos.

The sad part was you could tell they belonged to the older woman who had lived in that house. I found a small wedding album down in the basement and upstairs was a shoebox full of random snapshots from the 30s and 40s. And two that were clearly 1800s. I picked out three of the best but Mr.C was not convinced. No, you’re not buying someone else’s old family photos! But but they’re amazing! See?! No, he couldn’t see why I was so enamored with them.

I wanted to take them home for the fashion, for names written on the back (hello Elvie, Margaret, Ludvig, and Loren (!) ), for the stories they tell, for the excuse that they are old & old is cool!, and, mostly, because what a neat piece of history – someone should have them. Ideally the woman’s family but if not them, why not me. Understandably, I have no clue what I would have done with them if they had come home with me, but it’s just too cool of a sneak peek into the past that they were hard to pass up. Besides someone had to save them they were lonely…

After the estate sale, we headed home to lunch + a nap for me before work. Last night was opening night at the Brave New Workshop (P.S. does anyone else ever think I’m going to say Brave Little Toaster…because sometimes I slip up and do!). The new show, Occupy Arden Hills, or Brother, Can you Spare a Dome?, is hilarious and I definitely recommend it. Opening night was especially fun because they staged a mock protest in front of the theatre before seating began. It was hysterical to watch them with their bullhorn chanting at the people going to the closing night of Lion King at the Orpheum instead. We like your hat, we like your hat, we like your hat. They taunted police officers, held signs with sayings like “Land of 10,000 Stadium Sites”, “Boycott the 1%…Milk”, and “I don’t know what we’re protesting about”.

It was a great way to celebrate the new show, draw a crowd, and just have fun. A reception was held afterward also with food from Solara, many many toasts, and BNW founder Dudley Riggs himself. How cool! Plus an announcement was made that a BNW alum is coming March 10 for a one-night-only show. Can you guess who it is? No, well I’ll give you a hint it’s an old host of Family Feud……….Louie Anderson. Yep, pretty rockin’. And last but not least, I was given my schedule for next week and I’m workin’ 6 days next week. Ohhh yeah, bring on the money!

Well, that was all the excitement from Saturday. We hope to continue the shenanigans as we fill our Sunday with (possibly) pancakes, a trip for groceries, and dinner+fun with friends at Dave and Buster’s as an early Mr.C Birthday Celebration.

Hope everyone is having a fine weekend!

xo, Meg


One thought on “saturday shenanigans

  1. thanks for the thought (of fossils) and I always feel bittersweet about auctions but seeing the personal items in the person’s house is way beyond ok, poor lady.

    Congrats on more wk and what a hoot the mock protest is……….

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