It's Okay Thursday

Linking up with Amber at Brunch With Amber for It’s Okay Thursday 

It’s Okay…

…that seeing a man riding a unicycle at night while wearing at miner’s headlamp hat isn’t quite as shocking as it might have been a few months ago but it’s still pretty darn amusing – ah #cityliving

…that I prefer to buy underwear with fun patterns on them because 1) that’s just plain cool and 2) it’s harder to accidently put them on inside out…like I did earlier this week…dumb nude panties!

…that I am obsessed with BonLook’s selection of eyewear esp. those pictured below. Sadly, I think I would look too dorky. Ah well. P.S. Finally got my eye appt. scheduled+confirmed for Feb. 18th hurray!

…that I could eat cheese ravioli + sauce every day – so delicious!

…that I spent 2.5 hrs working by myself on a room set-up for an event, told by my boss it looked fabulous. Yet a half hour before guests were to arrive the hosts of the event came in, said they space was not what they expected or wanted, and started tearing it down +  having us move everything. Silly, but customer’s always right, right? err, wrong. ha! But seriously, whatever makes them happy + gets me paid I’m down for! How’s that for some positivity. :)

…that my blog yells at me for posting comments too fast. yes, that’s right. it’s hilarious but true. apparently my blog is the ultimate pokey-slow. and for the record, it was only 2 comments in the span of 15mins… oh my poor poor blog….

…that I haven’t painted my nails in months

…that I’m still all giddy about my new jeans

…to be super excited to reveal Mr.C’s birthday gift to him, it’s been tough keeping it a secret from him (we are both horrible secret keepers) but I think he’s going to really love it!


What are you okay with today?

xo, Meg


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