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I was directed to this fabulous link-up by Lauren over at Crazy Ever After.

I love the idea of this because I too follow a zillion blogs that are filled with cute posts about fashion & daily outfits photos.

And while I enjoy daydreaming about wearing that adorable dress, with that neat necklace, colored + patterned tights, Blowfish heels, and perfectly coiffed hair – that’s just not me.

I’m more of a jump in the shower, let my hair air dry, wear flip flops ’til it snows kinda girl.

I’ll be the chick over there wearing the jeans, same t-shirts from high school, a zip up hoodie with fraying cuffs or a broken zipper, and converse knockoffs.

What I mean to say is that while I will continue to enjoy those perfectly planned outfits that pop up in my Google Reader, it is high time to showcase some real people, wearing real clothes…looking.. really good?

Mmm..granted that last bit is debatable!

But you have to admit – it sure does make for a fun contest!

So, without further ado, here is my submission:

Ohhhh yeahhh!

This is classic Megan weekend-wear.

Shirt: T-shirt from my high school Pep Band days. Band nerds unite!! It’s much too small & covered with dirt and paint from some summer project.

Pants: Pajama pants from Goodwill. Capri style & starting to get too tight around the waist but too adorable to discard – who can resist polka dots?!

Socks: kneesocks. old, discolored, had ’em forever.

Flip Flops: Old Navy (they have the best flip flops & always on sale!).

And yes, I am wearing socks and flip flops together. The horrors. It was cold, what else could I do? Ha!

Oh and I was dancing my little behind off if you couldn’t tell. Dance party yah’ll!

So there you have it! This blogger’s worst dressed photo!

And for your continued amusement, here were the two runner-up outfits, enjoy!

*If you enjoyed this post and want to join in the fun head over to It’s Blogworthy and get your worst-dressed on!

xo, Meg

12 thoughts on “Bloggers Worst Dressed

    • Ha, why thank you Lauren. :) I still love the pj pants + boots look you were rocking. Though if you check out the rest of the competition… I’m pretty sure the Snooki boots are kicking our ass(es). What a great link up though!

  1. OH MY WORD.

    My comments are as follows: 1. I love that you wore capris and then pulled up socks to cover the difference. Totally have done that myself.

    2. THAT LAST OUTFIT. Purple. JUMPER. It doesn’t get any more fashion don’t than that.

    Thanks for showing us what real people look like in the bloggosphere!!

  2. You had me at wear my flip flops until it snows.

    Even though it doesn’t snow here, that should be my mantra. I wear flip flops year round. Even in the rain. And then I complain like a child about the weather.

    But your outfits. That jumper. OMG that jumper is too much. Seriously, too much like Holy Hell that’s a LOT of fabric.

    And flip flops with socks? That got you extra points, girl.

    Thanks for playing.

    • thanks for hosting a great link-up! i had a lot of fun. :) and yes, to flipflops in the rain – no only do you not have socks to get wet, but it washes your toesies at the same time! so bonus! ;)

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