Flashback Tuesday

Mary in Marriedland

After seeing this link-up over at The Blog Tap, I had to hop over to Mary in Marriedland, the creator of Flashback Tuesday, to check it out! After seeing a ton of cute photos of everyone when they were little + hearing the sweet, and often funny, stories behind them I decided to jump on board.

Sadly all my really adorable baby/little kid photos are at my Mama’s house so I had to choose from the few, awkward junior-high photos that somehow made their way on to facebook…ha! enjoy…

Enter, Megan in all her 7th grade glory!


A few things about this photo:

1. It was taken at Camp Far Horizons (lovingly referred to as Camp Far Ho!) in Hanover, IL.

It is mainly a Girl Scout Camp but is also available for outside weekend rentals which is what my youth group often did for our annual fall retreat. My youth group memories will always have a special place in my heart – our leaders were amazing, we always did the best activities, I met a ton of great people + made many new friends, and it gave me a chance to hang out with my friend C. more.

You may remember C. since he officiated our wedding. Well we’ve been BFFs since preschool and he was the one who actually invited me to his youth group/church in the first place. I loved it from the start and ended up being involved for 6+ years. It was a wonderful experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything!

2. The volleyball that is in the picture is held by my dear friend, M., who is probably trying to kill me.

Just kidding! M. is great, we became friends junior high but definitely got closer as the years went on, he was even a part of our wedding! But we always joke that we have a love/hate relationship and which might be true given the fact that we trade the phrase “I’ll kill you!” almost as often was we say “I love you”. Anyway, after this photo was unearthed we decided that it was probably the first proof we have of M.’s murderous feelings about me. Ha! Love you M. P.S. M has the best evil stare, you should have him do it for you sometime!

3. Yes, I’m wearing braces.

But honestly, who wasn’t? I swear everyone I knew had them. Sadly, I also had to wear headgear when I slept too but thankfully that was just for a few months. Anyway, I only wore braces for a few years and I didn’t really mind. I liked getting them tightened (sadistic much?!) & the only part I absolutely despised was when they would shove my mouth full of dental clay to make a mold for a new retainer. Yeah, like I can stay calm while I’m being suffocated by ball of silly putty! Silly dental assistant…

4. Yes, my eyebrows are drawn on.

Okay, you got me! In addition to braces I also spent a good year or so growing my eyebrows back in and while that painful process went down, I decided it’d be in my best interest to draw/paint them in. I had a very prominent unibrow and had someone just told me to wax or tweeze it this whole thing probably would have ended up a lot differently.

But no, I did not have the proper tools or materials so I turned to the only thing I did have… a razor. So I cleaned up the unibrow – it looked good – I was proud. And that’s when it happened. Hey, I thought, if I can do that, I can clean up the ends of my brows too…errr not so much. I ended up shaving most of them off. Oops. Yeah, my eyebrows looked awful, they were about 2in long and I spent the rest of 7th grade and a good chunk of 8th penciling them in….with a Crayola colored pencil dipped in water…yeah I didn’t even have a real eyebrow pencil lol epic fail.

But you have to admit – I did a pretty good job – they’re almost even! :)

Well, I’ve had a blast sharing memories on this Flashback Tuesday! 

If you decide to link up please leave a comment+link below as I would love to read it! And if you don’t blog, no worries, feel free to share a childhood story below if you want. We don’t discriminate!

Besides who doesn’t love to take a second and remember the good old days?

I know Mr.C does…isn’t he cute? hehehe

Happy Tuesday everyone!

xo, Meg


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