Dear Monday

As always, I’m linking up with Happy Day for Dear Monday.

Dear Monday, so not ready for you yet, but will ultimately pull it together and. as Tim Gunn would say, “Make it work!”

Dear Superbowl Party, you were a blast. After days of work, home, sleep, work, home, sleep, spending a day with old friends + new ones was a welcoming breath of fresh air. Haven’t laughed that hard in a long time and it felt good.

Dear Superbowl Party: A disclaimer, you make me giggle… because although I know the Giants won and that I was throughly amused by the final touch down (you can watch it below – the man sits down hahaha) – I can honestly tell you nothing about the rest of the game. Spent too much time snacking & being a Chatty Cathy. Attendance at a Superbowl Party implies that I cared about the game…newsflash: I did not. What I do care about is yummy brown sugar apple dip + turkey sandwiches + fresh silk pie + cupcakes and a good round or two of the drinking game Circle of Death especially when 1) you’re the sober one & you still have fun and 2) it turns into less of a game and more of an information/secrets gathering session with the main goal being to get some good dirt for future use & destruction against dear friends

Dear Clean House, I am in complete awe of you and must must must strive to keep you like this for as long as possible. You make me feel more put together and I like that.

Dear Glasses/Contacts appointment, %&grrrr$*angry#!@ is how I feel about you. Yah’ll have horrible customer service and I secretly wish our eye insurance allowed us to go to Walmart or Target optical instead of some fancypants place that can’t fit you in for 3 weeks and has yet to confirm my appointment. And yes, I’ve called + emailed over there already today. Lets just say they better get back to me asap or else…

Dear Kohls, you rock! Popped in on a whim after my favorite pair of jeans ripped in the crotch (aren’t those the worst!) and voila you happened to have jeans marked 70% off. For less than $30 I was able to get 3 pairs: 2 regular + 1 skinny. And the best part?! They actually fit!! None of this super curvy hippy nonsense or fits at the waist but are so long you could wear stilts under them BS. Nope, honest to goodness, jeans that fit right in waist & don’t automatically assume I have a huge booty/thighs just because I need a larger waist size or that I am a giraffe who needs an extra 2ft of length. Thank you Jean Gods – you made my day!

Dear Virtual Sticky Notes, you have been unveiling your wisdom ever since my computer’s been fixed. Along with to-do lists, important contact info, and a tv schedule, you boast a lot of quotes + words I was drawn to in the past. Some are more recent finds with others being a year or so old. The gem of today?

“Because that’s what this marriage business is really about right? Choosing your partner in a million little ways (and a few big ones) day after day”

Dear New Music Monday, hello old friend! I’m excited for this feature today because I truly have a song that is new to me too. Somedays I might pull my old favorites – though possibly new to you – from my iTunes but not today. My friend Kt introduced to me the following song + band and I fell instantly in love. Obsessed even. The song has become best friends with the repeat button and my calendar is marked on April 3 for their debut album’s release. Can’t wait!

Ho Hey by The Lumineers

Have a good Monday everyone!

xo, Meg


8 thoughts on “Dear Monday

    • smart idea! :) I hardly shop in “real” stores anymore – thrifting is where it’s at, but sadly for jeans it can be very difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. so yay for kohls and brands that are finally making jeans that fit real people :)

  1. I have big hips and short legs – finding jeans is a real drag. But I usually have good luck at Kohl’s. I always check there first. I’m totally jealous that you got them for 70% off!

    • I know I was shocked too! Usually the jeans I end up liking are never on sale – just got lucky I guess! Ha – I was discussing with a girl friend how if they’d make jeans for girls with a waist but no butt/hips and short gnome like body I’d be in good shape!

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