It’s Okay Thursday

Linking up with Amber at Brunch With Amber for It’s Okay Thursday 

It’s Okay…

…to ride the bus an extra stop just so you can walk around more + soak up the essence of the city

…to silently curse your neighboring apartment buildings for not de-icing their respective sidewalks…it’s been days since it snowed last, come’on people

…to not mind showing up a little early for your work shift because that means you can waste time hanging out in Lasalle Plaza, gazing at the really impressive fountain, dreaming of Hawaii, and swaying to Ulili’e.

…to eat chicken noodle soup for [almost] every meal, for days, because it’s the best you’ve ever made

…to enjoy people watching on the skyways during the day it looks like a factory conveyer belt filled with business-style Ken Dolls

…to panic when your iPod flashes angry red battery glares at you & yet you somehow still manage to listen to an entire playlist before it finally dies – totally saving what would have been a long bus ride home

…to see the floor in your apartment for the first time in weeks all thanks to the fact that a computer guy is coming over to fix a laptop & tweak the network and you really don’t want him to think he’s walked into an episode of Hoarders


…to secretly dream of owning an iPhone one day so you can jump on the instagram bandwagon + play angry birds, but also know that that’ll never happen because you are still too thrilled to be only playing $25/mo for cell service

…to feel awkward about Valentine’s Day coming up since you haven’t truly celebrated it since high school and kinda forgot how – oops

…to change up your blog header weekly because you get bored and are still trying to find the perfect one that fits

…to really want a new haircut, something different, something with a little edge, a little fun, a little flirt

…to still enjoy watching Glee but secretly wish they would ship the increasingly annoying Finn + Mr.Shue off to a secluded island even if only for a week or two

…to think it’s slightly funny & disturbing when you find out a co-worker got written up for “insubordination”…what is this, a government agency? bizarre.

…to spend a cloudy afternoon thoroughly engrossed in Albert Nobbs, what phenomenal acting!


what are you okay with today?

xo, Meg

5 thoughts on “It’s Okay Thursday

  1. I’m OK with having breakfast for supper… two nights in a row.

    I’m OK with reading the Courthouse News before I read the rest of the paper.

    I’m OK with reading trashy detective novels because my brain is pure mush from work.

    I’m OK with NOT multi-tasking.

    and I’m very OK with receiving homemade chicken noodle soup from MN on dry ice in the mail

  2. I’m ok with not having any plans for the super bowl this year…who cares about those east coast teams and Madonna, anyway?

    I’m ok with eating week old leftovers for lunch because it’s too foggy and cold outside to go downtown for a full, fresh meal.

    I’m ok with laughing out loud and getting funny looks from my co-workers while reading this blog post!!!

    Best yet, meg. Love it!

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