excited about going to work tomorrow. I was only scheduled one day this week (boo!) but was able to pick up 2 extra day shifts on Tue/Thurs. Plus I’ll be working with one of my favorite co-workers, C. We have a ton of fun together and are really in sync when it comes to getting things done, which is awesome because I despise working with someone who does not have the same worth ethic.

reading The Birth House by Ami McKay… just finished Moloka’i by Alan Brennert + loved it!

creating ideas for what to do with some awesome vintage stamps that I got from Kitty over at A Law Student’s Journey. Each one is like a tiny piece of art so whatever project I decide on must really be worthy of them! Currently considering framing them around an envelope with our address on it  – that way we can keep it as a memento of the first place/home we got together. But, I’m totally open & would love to hear other suggestions/inspiration if you have any!

yearning for something savory. Not sure exactly what but my body is like feed me something hearty and salty and rich and delicious.

looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday. I haven’t watched it in forever.Caught bits & pieces of it throughout college and the last time I really remember making a big deal out of it was back in junior high/high school when my bestie E threw a bash at her house and we thought it’d be a good idea to go sledding before the game started. E lives on a farm and we decided to sled out in the field. Bad idea. It was littered with hidden land mines and I ended up smashing my knee on a rock. It swelled up and hurt to walk but I figured it was just a bad bruise. Turned out I had actually cracked my knee cap and it has a huge hole in it now. Crazy! Anyway, this year we’re heading over to a party hosted by our friend, N., & her boyfriend, and it should be a lot of fun! We’re bringing veggies + dip and apples + dip. Apparently we have a thing for dip.

humming Pennies from Heaven as sung by Rose Murphy

impressed by The Rescues and their absolutely beautiful song, My Heart With You. That’s some serious a cappella people!

enjoying the insane weather we’ve been having. what a bizarre winter! lots of warm temps. + random snow falls.

learning that my little succulents adore their new home on the kitchen table. All of them, except Captain Penii, have sprouted new growth. So proud of my little plantlings – Vice Captain Nubbs, Spike, and Flora.

loving Friends. I started watching Season 1 weeks ago and am almost halfway through Season 9 right now. It is such an enjoyable show! I’m always laughing & have grown to love the characters. I’ll be sad when it’s over. Mr.C wants me to hurry up so I can start watching Breaking Bad with him.

sipping water with more ice than water. What can I say I love me some cubes!

Happy Monday!

xo, Meg


6 thoughts on “[currently]

  1. Ray loves Breaking Bad! He says it’s the best show ever made and there’s no reason for anyone not to like it. lol He can’t watch a new season til all the shows air though because he can’t wait a week to see what happens next, so he watches them on Netflix or something when the season is over.

    • no way! Mr.C’s hooked + he likes to do that too- save up a bunch of eps and watch ’em all at once. :) Plus, with Burn Notice & Walking Dead on their breaks we’re looking for a new show to watch together.

  2. Pennies from Heaven is such a great song. I haven’t done anything Super Bowl-ish since high school, too. A few commercial watchings in-between studying, but this year I think we’re actually going to watch it! Woohoo!

    • haha no it was definitely a rock of death. but what’s weird is that once all the swelling and pain went away, my knee was fine.no issues so far (knock on wood), the crack is there and random bone flecks but now all i’ve got is a great story!

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