In The Last Forty-Eight Hours

In The Last Forty-Eight Hours, Mr.C & I….

went on a sightseeing tour. Where’d we go? Grocery stores.Ha!

Yes, after hitting up the bank (as in visited, not robbed) & getting our oil changed, we decided to stop into Kowalski’s Market to see what all the fuss was about.

It was definitely upscale-fancypants-expensive but had a ton of variety and while we only ended up buying a few speciality items we still had a blast wandering the aisles. Mr.C was very impressed by the ginormous cheese aisle! Oh and, bonus!, since it was Saturday they had tons of free samples out & we were able to nibble on bread with pasta sauce, apples + cheese, carrots + dip, baked parmesan dip, beef stew, and, best of all, steak! Yum.

And of course, after figuring out it was Free Sample Saturday, we just had to zip over to Lund’s Market, which you might remember from our first trip there a few weeks ago. A few more free goodies + 4 boxes of cereal later (what?! they were on sale!), we headed over to Rainbow Foods to do our real grocery shopping. Pork was crazy on sale so we bought extra to freeze which is perfect because then we can make our favorite meal ever, bbq pulled pork (scroll to middle of linked post for recipe). Gotta love good food + bargains.

Fun fact: apparently Rainbow also sells pigs feet?! Good to know….

decided to break up. Just kidding! …okay, so it sounded funnier in my head…

But, we did separate for a few hours while I went to work and Mr.C stayed at home, pretended it was a man cave, and watched a Japanese film + played video games.

How to have a happy, healthy relationship #578: Make sure to make time for yourself & have a life outside of the other person. Seriously.

Anyway, I had fun at work as it was closing night of the holiday show, Miracle on 824 Hennepin: Skyway to the Manger Zone. It was a great show but I’m definitely ready for something new!

Next week we start previews for the “spring” show which officially opens Feb. 11 and is titled Occupy Arden Hills: or, Brother Can You Spare a Dome?. You can read all about it here and find out more + order tickets here.

It is sure to be a hilarious show & if you don’t mind seeing it a little rough around the edges, come see it on one of the many preview nights (starting Feb. 2) for only $18/ea (regular ticket prices are $30-35)!

made delicious sandwiches. Turkey, provolone, and avocado on toasted wheat bread- what more could you want!

went on a hot date. In our own living room of course! It is a lazy Sunday after all. We grilled steak (2 steaks = $3.20 total, thanks Rainbow Foods!), baked potatoes, added some veg + enjoyed them while watching Law & Order: SVU. Oh Stabler how I’ve missed you!

So there you have it! 

How was your weekend?

xo, Meg

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