This or That?

due to the current shortage of inspiration for a truly good and original post, this blogger has chosen to go the easy “meme” route today. apologies. cue the throwing of rotten fruit and veg…now!

Orange juice: Pulp or No Pulp? No pulp for sure! ew – or even better -No orange juice at all. When I was younger, I remember the other members of my family going crazy over freshly squeezed orange juice on a Saturday morning. Not this little lady. Nope, I am a total juice monster, love it all, except for orange juice. Oh and tomato juice *shudders* gross. And don’t even get me started on its friend the celery stick! Blech.

Long or Short Nails? Long nails. But not the creepy long ones that sort of curl over themselves Guinness World record style. I mean come’on! No, well groomed, long nails are pretty, feminine, and easy to paint and decorate. Sadly, I have stubby, bitten nails that tend to be flimsy and break off when they do get long. Sad day. Though…on the upside – at least I can type without looking like a fool or sleep without worrying that I’ll claw myself in the night.

Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset. Mostly because I’m hardly ever up early enough to see a sunrise. I did see one from a plane once and it was quite beautiful. Quiet, peaceful. But there’s something magical about a sunset, the colors, the energy, with lightning bugs blinking and the night noises humming. Summer smores with friends over a bonfire. Or the chilly stillness of a sunset in the winter, gently reminding you to pull your coat closed and to head home to a warm dinner and an evening spent curled up on the couch with a good book. Yes, sunsets are definitely my favorite.

Appetizer: Prosciutto wrapped stuffed dates or Stuffed mushrooms? Stuffed mushrooms. Yum. All that cheesy, crabby goodness. Though if bacon wrapped water chestnuts was an option I’d be on that like white on rice like stink on a skunk like frat boys on a keg.

CD’s or MP3 Players? Silly question. MP3s for sure. Easy to transport, share, store, etc. Although I do sorta miss making mix CDs for my friends and drawing all over the front of the CD for them with my new sharpies.

Finding Nemo or Shrek? Finding Nemo all the way!

Sandwich: Chicken Cordon Bleu or Tuna Salad? Tuna Salad! I absolutely adore Subways tuna salad – so good! Oh how that brings me back – throughout junior high&high school, my best friend, E, and I would team up at lunch whenever they served tuna salad because while we loved tuna salad we didn’t want to pass up on the other option either which was mini corn dogs. So, I’d get tuna, she’d get mini corn dogs and we’d split & trade entrees. We did it for years. Hands down one of the best school lunches I’d say! Haha Miss you E  ~ I’ll split sandwiches with you ’till the end of time. ♥

Black & White or Sepia Photos? Black & White. Classic.

Happy Thursday everyone!

xo, Meg


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