Wordless Wednesday

What more perfect way to spend a [wordless] Wednesday afternoon than by watching a silent film?

While catching up on all the Best Picture Oscar Noms, I decided to watch The Artist and, boy, am I glad I did. I don’t want to give away too much but I can say that it was one splendid and surprising roller coaster of a ride. Shown in black and white, this silent film instantly transports you back to another era. One of class, beauty, and I must say, some absolutely fantastic music.

I admit I was skeptical at first and while it took a bit to adjust to the silent film concept, once you do, it’s just fantastic. The story is good, and the cast, sets, and acting is quite exceptional. I adored the brilliant staging done in what I’ll call the “coat scene”. For me the film really took off from there, and although it did  drag a little in the middle, the surprises at the end make it all worth while.

The Artist was well-made, artsy, sweet, and great for a fun romp in the past. Definitely perfect if you’re looking for something to watch that’s a little “different”. It has the flavor of old Hollywood, the theatrics of Gone with Wind, a touch of frenchy film noir, and a soundtrack reminiscent of the instrumental pieces in Chicago. And although it is silent, it speaks volumes in regard to the constant quest for new technology. There is no doubt that this story, albeit set in the late 1920s, has a strong connection to the ever evolving times of today.

Anyway, I definitely hope you’ll give this romantic comedy a shot as it is definitely a cinematic delight for all those who adore the silver screen.


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