excited about going to sleep…I’m exhausted. almost fell asleep on the bus twice today.

reading Moloka’i by Alan Brennert, definitely recommend this book!

creating a cozy nest in my bed. Hurray for multiple comforters!

yearning for hot chocolate + graham crackers for dipping

looking forward to not working again until Saturday. I’ve worked the past 3 days – Sunday night from 4pm-1:30am for 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey launch party where this little lady rocked coat checked & walked away with $196 in tips (ooh yea!), then up early on Monday to reset the theatre space after the rowdy party the night before, and today, early morning again for set up and then working an aftenoonvevent where companies bring their employees to BNW to do improv games and learn how improv concepts can help them be more creative in the workplace. It’s been fun…but I need a little break for sure!

humming First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes… it never gets old!

learning that staying up late and getting up early does not an alert Megan make

loving wearing Mr.C’s pjamma pants, roomy, warm perfection

sipping a Green Machine a la Naked Juice

enjoying looking over the photos from this weekend. Saturday night we attended Mr.C’s holiday work party and had a ton of fun. It was at the Hilton and Mr.C’s company even provided hotel rooms since the party was planned to run late. Cocktail hour was followed by a fancy pants plated dinner + roasted butternut squash soup topped with cranberry creme fraiche (ooo lala) + a decadent dessert buffet. Although I went to bed early, Mr.C stayed up late, drinking and having fun with his work buddies. Oh and did i mention the shindig was a “decades” theme + costume party? Yep, and we definitely took advantage and got down ‘n dirty with some amazing 80s styling. Good times.

Hope you all are having a good week so far!

xo, Meg


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