spice it up with a simple silhouette

That’s right! After finding my acrylics at the bottom of a box we brought back visiting our families I was itching to paint something.

I knew I needed to start simple, ease back into my groove so I chose to do a silhouette because it was something easy and contained yet would still allow for my creativity to play within the¬†boundaries. I looked to this and this for inspiration before settling on an image. The dachshund. Since Mr.C & I aren’t ready for a pet yet nor are we allowed to have one in our apartment, I figured this would tide us over for the time being.

Now if you are looking for a tutorial on how to do this look no further than this link. Essentially you pick an image that you’ll use like a stencil then you tape the edges down so the color cannot escape, get your paint on, and end up with a marvelous modern masterpiece.

So, first, I taped my image stencil to the canvas and gathered my supplies…

And, after 2 hours and lots of Pandora jams later….tada!! *Tip: click the photo to see it in more detail*

For my first attempt it’s not too shabby. I got a little impatient and sloppy while taping off my silhouette which is why some of the edges look super awkward. But overall I’m happy with the colors (they’re much more vibrant and differentiated in person) and the pattern came out quite well.

This project is enjoyable, inexpensive, and would make a cute homemade gift for someone!

Let me know if you give it a try – I’d love to see the finished product!

Happy DIYing guys! And Happy Friday too!

xo, Meg


4 thoughts on “spice it up with a simple silhouette

    • you’re welcome! the project was pretty simple but a lot of fun. and so easy to personalize. :) i’ll have to come up with some other things to do so i can link up again sometime.

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