Wordless Wednesday

If you’re new to Wordless Wednesdays, it’s basically a theme day we created that gives me a break from writing, you a break from my usual lengthy postings, and a chance to share other neat, more visual things from around the internet. It is a nod to all things inspiring and fantastic that do not really need explanation, such as video clips, songs, artwork, poetry, etc.

I haven’t done Wordless Wednesday in forever and it could not have come at a better time because I have some pretty awesome (and bizarre!) things to share with you.

So without further ado…


Years ago, and long before Photoshop, a mother would hide under a blanket or rug s in order to hold her child still for the photographer during formal baby photo.

I insist you hop over to A Cup of Jo to see more of these eerie photos!


While I don’t understand Croatian, I do know that I am very much in love with this song. Great vocals, fun beat – definitely give it a listen!


My aunt tipped me off to these gorgeous images of tulip fields in the Netherlands. Absolutely stunning! See more photos here.


I read a blog post this week that really stuck with me. It was written by Money Saving Mom and inspired by Amy Lynn Andrew’s original post on The Trouble With Blogging

Although the post is geared toward bloggers I think everyone can benefit from its words of wisdom.

My favorite part was this:

“…Never forget that what you see on the screen is not the whole picture.

Never forget that the people behind the blogs are, well, people…with unorganized cupboards, unmanaged time schedules (ahem!), cranky children (ahem again!), painful stories, crafty train wrecks, struggling marriages, unpaid bills and burnt meat loaf. (Those are the examples I use, because those have all been me behind the scenes.)

Never forget that their story and their journey and their choices apply to them, not to you.

You are who you are for a reason. You are where you are a for a reason. Don’t do what I do and beat yourself up for not being where someone else is. It’s a colossal waste of time.

Appreciate everyone else’s outside, but embrace your inside.”

(Read the full post here–it’s fantastic!)


So there you have it! Happy Wednesday everyone!

xo, Meg


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