Hey all! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Oh, & happy MLK day too. Many blogs I follow have featured quotes in celebration and remembrance of today so I figured I’d jump on the bandwagon also and share this one with you:

Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Interesting, no? Even more interesting if you add the fact that eugenics originated in the United States and that sterilization & euthanasia was also practiced here. Ah, I’m such a nerd for anything WWII….But anyway that’s a history lesson for another time!

Lets move on to the adventures Mr.C & I had this weekend.

P.S the weather we’ve been having is bizarre! cold, windy, and snowy on Saturday, bundled up all cozy….sunny, snow thawed, and just sweatshirt weather on Sunday!

On Saturday Mr.C  & I…

*hit up a Blockbuster that was closing. Some of you might remember the awesome scores we had last time we stumbled upon such a store liquidation. We ended up with a huge stack of movies and tv shows back in Spring Break 2010 when, while Mr.C was visiting me in South Carolina during my student exchange, we were lucky enough to stumble on multiple Blockbuster store closings. However, on Saturday the closing sale had just started so the price cuts weren’t as amazing but Mr.C was able to walk out with 2 videogames for only $13.

*browsed around Valu Thrift Store. Located on the east side of St.Paul this thrift store is absolutely massive and would take you hours to get through the entire store. However, we just did a quick run through because we were looking for pieces to add to our outfits for Mr.C’s office party this coming weekend. It’s a decades costume party and we are going with the 80s. It should be a good time – with cocktails, dinner, and dancing ’til midnight. I’ll be sure to take a bunch of pictures so you can see us in our snazzy outfits!

*got in some exercise (and dinner) at the ‘ol MOA. That’s Mall of America for you non-Minnesotans. Since Mr.C is participating in a “Biggest Loser”/get healthy competition at work (it starts later this week), he wanted to really live it up and eat out as a treat before buckling down & eating better. So – we had a nice date night out at Famous Dave’s BBQ which was pregamed by some gelato. Yep – dessert before the main meal – that’s our style! Ha! Anyway, we split a cup of the most scrumptious gelato – the three flavors were: Brown Sugar Ice Cream Cone, Rocky Road, and the best one, Chocolate Orange Saffron. It was to die for!

On Sunday Mr.C & I…

*went grocery shopping. Now usually that’s not very exciting at all but yesterday, let me tell you, we had the best time! Stopped off at Trader Joe’s first where I was hoping to snag some salty seaweed snacks my friend Kt suggested. Sadly none were to be found but we did get a few healthy snacks for the Mr. and dried fruit for me. Our next top was Lund’s Market Place which turned out to be grocery store heaven. Seriously! Our goal is to win the lottery so we an shop here more often. Lunds is an upscale grocery with more variety than I’ve seen in a long time. Sure the prices are a bit higher but with the selection you get it’s so worth it. They have everything from the usual brands to exotic imports – fresh meat, fabulous bakery, over 4 different types of oranges, a make-your-own trail mix area, a cheese section to blow your mind, and aisles upon aisles of other undiscovered goodies. I seriously squealed when I came across their “try it!” basket full of little samples of expensive meats and cheeses. Needless to say we took home a few of those along with a great sampling of new yogurt, specialty juices, a cannoli to split, and chicken-apple sausage. Haha that last one ended up in our cart after Mr.C begged for us to bring it home – the sales lady giving out samples of it really did a number on him! But it is organic, MSG free, and chicken so it can’t be all that bad. On the car ride home, Mr.C and I couldn’t get our minds off the amazingness that is Lunds Market so you know we’ll be back again. Although we’ll still be getting the basics at Aldis & Walmart, it’s nice to know that we can pop over there as a treat, to snatch up a specialty item, or even take advantage of a great sale. P.S. if you haven’t caught on by now Mr.C & I are major foodies – not in the way that we like to go wine tasting, eat meals that are the size of dollhouse food, or even try ridiculous non-pronounceable dishes (yeah, our taste buds are so not gourmet) – but in the way that we do enjoy food, appreciate a good meal, and like to eat…a lot lol Fact! Aside from rent, food is the next most expensive item in our budget. In the future I’m sure we’ll work on cutting it down a bit but to paraphrase Mr.C – right now we’re just enjoying life ;)

Lunds bakery display

 *enjoyed snack time & cheese-tasting. Upon arriving home we decided to test out our purchases. The cannoli was very delicious, not quite as good as the ones Kt & I got in Providence, RI, but definitely a close second. I was jonesing for Orangina but couldn’t find any so I subsituted with San
Pellegrino Limonata instead. Yum! Finally, I sliced up all the fancy cheeses we bought, paired it with crackers, and started testing!

Starting on the left…

Brick-Widmar’s Mild Wisconsin priced at $10.99/lb – scored for $1.87 – this cheese was creamy, smooth, and had a nice mild flavor. One of our favorites!

Mimolette Aged France priced at a whopping $25.99/lb – scored for $1.82 – this cheese was hard, compact, a bit salty, and had a slight perfume. The flavor was moderate and reminiscent of cheddar.

Tickler Cheddar priced at $19.99/lb – scored for $1.90 – this cheese was a bit crumbly and odorless but man did it pack a punch! Silly name, but dang was it some serious cheddar. It was strong and sharp yet still enjoyable, although you couldn’t eat too much of this in one sitting since the flavor is so intense.

Behind the cheeses you’ll see a darker mass of chopped pieces. When I first grabbed the little wrapped bundle at the store I thought it was Chocolate Cheese (which is very similar to fudge) but upon investigation it turned out to be meat. Parmacotto Bresadla to be exact – all natural, air dried beef. It goes for $19.99/lb, we scored a small bit to taste for $4.60. It was quite good, sort of like  jerky but a bit softer (probably the Prime Rib of the jerky world), and had a really beautiful color, which sadly does not show up well in these photos.

We had a blast tasting the different cheeses and devouring the cannoli. We’ll definitely be doing a round 2 of cheese tasting come spring when it’s warm enough to do it as a picnic. Maybe we’ll even through in some sparkling grape juice to be extra fancy!

*went to the movies and watched the Muppets. We had been meaning to go see it when it first came out but it actually worked out better that we’d waited since the theater was mostly empty. Anyway, it was a cute film with interesting musical numbers, celebrity cameos, the Swedish Chef (!) and a bunch of inside jokes for Muppet lovers who have been with them since the beginning. I laughed, I cried, and I laughed until I cried. We cracked up so bad at one part I doubt we heard the next 5 minutes of the film! The movie was sweet and hilarious filled with usual Muppet madness, touching sentiments, moral lesson to be learned, and of course Rainbow Connection. It is definitely worth checking out in theaters or on DVD once it’s released. I guarantee you’ll walk away feeling good and full of some mahnamahna!! spirit.

So there you have it – our weekend adventures! 

Now I’m off to rest up – my right eye has been killing me since yesterday and I’m fairly certain I have a stupid stye (gross!). So a full day of audio books and warm compresses for this girl.

Happy Monday everyone!

xo, “Me”


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