De-Clutter The Crap Initiative – Post 1

Hello everyone!

So Lauren over at Crazy Ever After invited a bunch of fellow bloggers to join in her De-Clutter The Crap Initiative. I of course hopped on board and soon whipped up a post about how to organize your important documents. Turns out we bloggers must’ve been sharing brain waves of brilliance that day because a few other bloggers wrote about the same thing! Needless to say I switched gears and decided to tackle my fridge instead! My adventures as the Refrigerator Liberator will air in the form of a guest post on Lauren’s blog next Tuesday. No worries, I’ll remind you guys! ;)

In the meantime, please enjoy my original post for the De-Clutter The Crap Initiative and head over to Lauren’s blog to soak up more organizational goodness. Come’on you know you need it!

I know I sure did! This initiative could not have come at a better time since our apartment currently resembles this:

Okay, okay, so it’s not that bad but you get the idea! I am clearly in dire need of some cleaning & organization stat!

For this post, I decided to organize all of our important papers & come up with a mail station/central command center. Why you might ask? Well because over the last few weeks the following has occurred:

*our car was towed and we could not find the proper paperwork to get it out nor could remember our license plate number

*we misplaced important mail that needed to be sent back immediately

*we couldn’t find Mr.C’s eye prescription so he could order new contacts

*my mama sent me a card and somehow it was misplaced too, thus ensuring that I never got to read it

*we’ll need to file taxes in the coming months and who the heck knows where all our paystubs are!

Awful right?! And so embarrassing… It also made me think about what would happen in an emergency – would I know where our health insurance info was? Or would I be forced to frantically search through this monsterous pile?! *shudder*


Something needed to be done! So, I set aside the afternoon, sorted through the daunting stack of papers, and finally got everything in order.

It was quite simple and if I can do it – anyone can!

I filled a binder with file folders and labeled them such things as health/eye insurance, car insurance, student loan, taxes/paystubs, and Mr.C’s employment info. I added a few clear page protectors and filled them with single sheets of “important documents” such as apartment lease, marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc. Eventually these will go into a safety deposit box at a bank but for now I know they’ll be safe in my binder.

I also added a page/calendar in the front of my binder to keep track of when our bills were due, when Mr.C gets paid, and how to pay them (including addresses for snail mail and username/passwords for online payments). Eventually I’d like to add an additional envelope to the binder that will hold all of our “manuals”/warranties for the computer, tv, appliances, etc.

When coming up with what should be put in the binder I relied heavily upon this fabulous list from The Simple Dollar.

For more organization tips in regard to “important papers”- Clean & Scentsible has a great post as does Simple Organized Living.

As for the my central command station? It’s a work in progress & is currently just a Tupperware box containing a few pieces of mail, stamps, and our check book. However, once I get my next paycheck, I plan to invest in some fun containers and hopefully create something along these lines (inspiration c/o – just search “command center”):

So there you have it! Two activities that will not only De-Clutter The Crap but will save you time and sanity in the long run.

Now go get your clean on! ;)

xo, Meg


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