In The Last Twelve Hours

In The Last Twelve Hours, Mr.C & I….

suffered from insomnia. I went to bed before him, slept briefly, and then he joined me. After figuring out the blanket situation (3 comforters was just too much for such a warm night- temps reached 56 during the day…and it’s freakin’ January!), we settled in for the night. 10 long minutes of silence later we both concluded that we weren’t sleepy any more. So we chatted until 2am before forcing ourselves to sleep.

chatted about what to do after our lease is up next September. Should we move to St.Paul to be closer to Mr.C’s work? The consensus so far is yes + a one bedroom apartment for sure + perhaps a dog. Yea, Mr.C is jonesing for a pet…bad. Sadly my succulents just aren’t doin’ it for him. We also discussed other states (less likely), the pros & cons of being near/far from family & friends (we miss you guys!), traveling (there’s so many places we want to go!), and how we could both totally go for a hamburger. Ha!

debated whether Lance Bass was in NSYNC or Backstreet Boys. For the record, I knew Lance Bass was in NSYNC, it was Mr.C that was fighting me on it. I have no idea how we even got on that topic in the first place, but I do know that the only Backstreet Boy we could name was Nick Carter while we got the majority of NSYNC immediately. Although I honesty wasn’t a huge fan of either, I’m fairly certain the first CD I ever owned was an NSYNC one. Oh the memories!

woke up in a rage. Swearing, name-calling, the whole lot of it. Yeah, the bass-playing, I-don’t-walk-I-stomp, neighbor above us decided to place his cellphone on the floor last night…and it went off…early (!) & proceeded to vibrate obnoxiously through the floorboards. Twice. It was so loud we actually thought it was one of our phones at first. Yeah, thanks dude. Good Morning to you too.

Ha! Thankfully, a cup of coffee for the Mr. & a few cuddles for me seemed to do the trick.

We are well on our way to a good Wednesday anyway.

Hope you all have a great day!

xo, “Me”


5 thoughts on “In The Last Twelve Hours

    • haha thanks! :) yea, Mr.C’s been wanting a pet forever so I figure we’ll definitely look into it once we move someplace more pet-friendly. he was all smiles when I mentioned it this morning!

  1. I feel ya on the noisy neighbors. Ours likes to play heavy metal until all hours of the night. Woohoo!

    Also, I think N*Sync’s first album was one of my firsts too!

    • ugh, so annoying! …neighbors… ours also moves what sounds like furniture late at night! haha oh NYSNC… I’m pretty sure I had that first, then probably Destiny’s Child – I remember all my girlfriends at school would swing on the swings at recess and sing ever single song!

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