Top Things Tuesday

Oh Tuesday… since I don’t have any great truths to share with you today + my tummy is rumbling for dinner, and I have yet to take a shower, and I am rockin’ a major migraine… I decided to go with something simple and reveal the “Top Things” I’m in love with at this moment.

 1. Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle hair conditioner. It smells amazing, leaves your hair smooth & soft, and is perfect for refreshing hair that’s been tormented by blow dryers, straighteners, or Old Man Winter.

2. Friends. Who doesn’t love the 90s? I started watching this series from the beginning and have been in love every since. No wonder so many people were obsessed with this show!

3. Juice. I love juice… & juice loves me…and we’re as happy as can be! Seriously, I cannot get enough juice right now! Cranberry : White Grape : Pomegranate Cherry…must drink more juice!

4. Nachos. I’ve been on a huge Mexican kick lately and cannot stop eating chips and cheese with a dash of salsa, dollop of sour cream, bean dip, and avocado cubes. Yummmm

5. Succulents. Adorable, small, with so many varieties that you only water occasionally, and plus I cannot kill them! Perfect plants if you ask me!

6. Blue Mason Jars. Well any mason jars really! We incorporated them into our wedding so whenever I see them I get all nostalgic.

7. My bed. Cozy. ’nuff said.

8. Twix Ice Cream Bars. To die for! They have huge one’s at Walmart for $1…or you can bring home a box of 12 mini ones (only 90 cal. each)! Hands down, chocolate covered heaven.

9. Patterns. I’ve been pinning wayyy too many gorgeous patterns on Pinterest lately. I love them all – so colorful and fun. I can imagine them as bunting, accent pillows, chair upholstery – you name it. I’m fairly certain I need a bag full of fabric scraps just so I can play with them!

10. Alarm Clock. When it’s not on. Sleeping in rocks! I know I’ll have to get a “real job” soon since the theatre is slowing down for a bit but as of right now I’ll enjoy the extra few hours of sleep I’ve been able to get.

So, what are your “Top Things” this Tuesday?

xo, “Me”


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