Dear Monday

As always, I’m linking up with Happy Day for Dear Monday.

Dear Monday, usually you and I spend a very quiet and uneventful day together. Often I’m lazy or recouping from the weekend and choose to delay all chores ’til tomorrow, trading them in for a day in bed & t.v. marathons instead. You surprised me today! It’s sunny and I’m energetic and out of bed “de-cluttering the crap” that is the Carty Haus. I’m currently taking a break from cleaning the living room but after that (& this post) I’ll be off to tackle the kitchen. So glad Productivity decided to stop by today. It’s been a long time over due.

Dear Christmas, you are still bringing me cheer! While cleaning I stumbled upon on of our favorite gifts – a book – “Zombie In Love” written by Kelly DiPucchio & Scott Campbell. It’s sweet, dorky, & hilarious. The illustrations are to die for with many secrets hidden away for sharp eyes to find. The text is full of youth and simply to read but full of understatements that will delight both children & adults alike. Needless to say this book will always have a place on our shelf (and in our hearts…after all our wedding vows did say “til death or zombies do you part”)!  And of course it we’ll be sharing it with our future kidlings as well. It’s just too fabulous not to!

Dear Dried Cherries, you are scrumptious. So glad I impulse-snatched you at the store yesterday!

Dear Pandora, you are on a roll today. Thanks for serenading me while I type this, keeping me movin’ while I clean, and accompanying me in the shower. My shampoo bottles enjoyed the concert very much!

Dear Weekend, you were simple but I still had a blast!

Saturday: Mr.C & I enjoyed a brunch at Bruegger’s. I had never heard of Bruegger’s until lovely Lauren over at Crazy Ever After  took me there as the first stop on our blog date/”blate” last week. Yes, after trading emails & facebook quips for awhile, Lauren & I finally met up, enjoyed a lovely chat over bagles, visited the Cherry & Spoon sculpture, and said a quick hello to her two dogs before scooting over to get our thrift on at Goodwill. It was such a blast!

Anyway, Mr.C & I eat bagels like they’re the last food on earth! We are addicted. So of course I couldn’t keep Bruegger’s to myself! Mr.C enjoyed a breakfast bagel complete with eggs & bacon while I munched on a Salt Bagel (you were right Lauren – yum!! so worth straying from my usual “Everything” bagel I think I have a new favorite now!). From there we headed to the Cherry & Spoon since Mr.C hadn’t been yet, wandered around the green house, checked out the other sculptures in the garden, and had a brief snowball altercation.

From there we stopped off at JCPenney to see about a duvet but returned home empty handed since everything was stupidly expensive and instead enjoyed the rest of the afternoon and evening with Law & Order SVU, video games, and dinner of chicken and steak fries.

Sunday: In the afternoon we stopped over at IKEA to pick up a duvet. Of course when you go to IKEA for one thing you always come home with more than you set out for. In our case, we also came home with a secret gift for S & B (which they’ll be getting in the mail soon!), skirt hangers, and…. two new succulents! Yep, in exchange for doing the dishes AND letting Mr.C pick what movie we should see, I got to bring home two little friends for Captain Penii & Vice Captain Nubbs. We’ve named one of them Spike and are still searching for the perfect name for the other. Any suggestions are welcome!

Why hello new duvet…and yes! Our room is an explosion of rainbow and polka dots…what of it?!?!

After IKEA we enjoyed holding hands at the movies where we saw the newest Sherlock Holmes – Mr.C’s pick. It had quite a good soundtrack! In fact, I’m listening to it right now! After the movies we went grocery shopping and ended our weekend with dinner & Twix Ice Cream bars which are seriously amazing! If you haven’t had one yet, we insist that you do!

Dear New Music Monday, hello old friend! I haven’t done this feature in awhile but right how I can’t stop listening to…

“West Coast” by Coconut Records

“Alone” by the Morning After Girls

“Take Your Mama” by the Scissor Sisters

Hope you all had a great Monday!! 

xo, Meg


2 thoughts on “Dear Monday

  1. #1. I loveeeeee the new background!
    #2. I lol’d for real at the shampoo bottles enjoying a concert. Pandora is fantastic when it gets it right.
    #3. That scissor sisters song takes me back to when I worked at a sporting goods store in the summer during college, this song blasting from the in-store soundtrack, and playing frisbee with my co-workers when the store was empty. I just got crazy happy feelings.
    Happy new week!

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