excited about this weekend. i have the entire thing off & am determined to make some memories!

reading nothing at the moment. please send me your recommendations! i’m dying to start a new book.

creating a more organized, clean home. okay, so the Carty Haus is a work in progress but i swear it’ll get there!

yearning for steak & a baked potato..with butter….and sour cream…..ah, a girl can dream.

wishing i could transport the washers/dryers upstairs

learning that i really do love colder weather. can’t get enough of jeans, cozy sweaters, layering, and hot chocolate. * (note: i said colder! not icy, -567 degrees with artic winds of death…or at least that’s what it felt like @ the bus stop the other day…)

waiting for The Hunger Games to arrive in theatres…can.not.wait. Other films I’d like to see: The Descendants, We Bought A Zoo, My Week with Marilyn, The Artist. I’m sucha movie junkie!

listening to Boy With A Coin by Iron & Wine and Human After All by Sierra Noble ft. Michael Logen and Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift ft. The Civl Wars

loving new jeans that fit (and for once aren’t too long for my short knome-like body). thanks goodwill!

collecting ideas and inspiration for a dear friend’s wedding – so exciting!

sipping ice water and munching crisp green grapes, delicious, i’ve devoured the entire bag in 2 days time

wondering what 2012 has in store for us

xo, “Me”


6 thoughts on “[currently]

  1. Saw The Descendants, My Week with Marilyn, and The Artist, and I liked them all. the Descendants is my favorite film of 2011 so far.
    What kind of stuff do you like to read? Let me know and I’ll send some suggestions.

    • oh i’m glad to hear that! i’m very excited to see the Descendants. i also liked “ides of march” although it did make me miss West Wing a little. i’ll pretty much read anything although mostly fiction, biographies, historical fiction, periods/topics: 1920s, 1940s, war, pioneer/settle the west, pirates, royalty, post-apocolyptic…

    • Haven’t read the trilogy – not really my thing, although I did like the original movies. A bit wary to watch the American version because I thought Noomi Rapace was pretty amazing.

    • haha me too! it’ll probably be “usual” stuff but being together make errands way more fun. it’s the first weekend i haven’t worked in awhile so we’re pretty stoked.

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