So it’s officially January. Before this year I always equated the month with the end of winter break and the beginning of a new semester of school, with new challenges, new adventures to be had, and, of course, with the final stretch before summer vacation. This year is different.

In many ways, January 1st is simply another day in my life. It doesn’t spark some spectacular shift. Nothing miraculously changed when the clock hit midnight last night. Aside from having to remember to write 2012 on our checks this morning, this day has been like any other. After working late  last night, hanging out with friends, and ringing in the new year at the BNW, we woke up…to snow on the ground, lunch, lounging in bed, SVU marathon, putting off all chores, and even grocery shopping, until tomorrow. We simply soaked up Sunday.

And it was just that.


And it was wonderful.

Yet, when I finally took a break to check my social networks, I found myself confronted with a google reader full of blog posts about new year’s resolutions, 2012 goals, and aspirations to lose weight, hike a mountain, find a job that actually pays and is enjoyable, keep a clean house, get a new pet etc.

I say confronted because New Year’s resolutions and I have a rocky relationship. In the past, I’ve made resolutions that were grand gestures,  impossible dreams I could never even come close to completing. I’ve also tried smaller, more attainable goals but somehow I always seem to allow them to fall by the wayside after a week or two. So my resolution for this year?

No resolutions.

Sure, there are things that I will keep in mind to accomplish over the next year; such as staying on top of the laundry/dishes situation in this house, eating out less, continuing to confront things that make me uncomfortable, trying to be more thoughtful and understanding, setting aside time for “us”, crossing things off the “life list”, and of course reading more books is a must.

But if there is one thing that I have learned from 2011, it is that being in the present, being in the moment, is one of the most rewarding activities one can engage in. Truly. It is also amplified ten-fold when you slow down to really enjoy the little things.

So while I have some tentative plans, I won’t feel pressure or disappointment if I don’t succeed in crossing off every last goal, activity, or dream that pops into my head because honestly that list would be never ending. Plus, I’d then spend more time consumed by all the real (and imagined) responsibilities and objectives than I would enjoying my life just as it is.

No, for this new year, I’m going for a bit less self-improvement, a bit more self-acceptance, and a heaping spoonful of carpe diem.

2011 was a year chock-full of amazing memories, with many firsts and many “finally!”s.

And with the universe being so good to us thus far, what reason do we have to doubt it won’t continue to be?

So bring it, 2012, bring it.

We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

xo, “Mr.C & Me”




8 thoughts on “2012

  1. good for you is good for us all, Happy New Year, mine was consuming a delicious tasting and priced rare prime rib at……….wait for it……………the Brothers in Lanark.

    Nice to find fun in my own backyard.

    • haha Brothers in Lanark….was not expecting that one! P.S. I’d totally call you to chat but I’m out of phone minutes (we used up too many calling everyone @ xmas….)

    • definitely! finding that balance is key. :)

      (i made some spelling changes that that 2012 resolutions post from last year and silly wordpress re-released it as a “new” post… but thanks for reading anyway!)

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