Recappin’ the 0-1-1 son! …2011 in Review

That’s right! All the other cool bloggers are doin’ it so we figured we’d jump on board!

P.S. Click the image to enlarge! (and actually be able to read the text…)


In addition…we thought we’d post our favorite posts from 2011. Since we only started this blog a few months ago we didn’t have many to choose from but thankfully we were able to come up with some pretty good ones…if we do say so ourselves!

Favorite Posts:

Newly Moved Nearly Weds – one of our most popular posts – recaps our great Minnesota Move, shows photos of our new digs, and pre-wedding excitement

We Did! – a recap of our wedding weekend, the ceremony, the party after, and all the craziness in between! photos of the new Mr. & Mrs. are included as well!

Hawaii – a series of posts all about our honeymoon in Hawaii. had a blast writing these and looking back at all the fun stuff we did!

Life List – Mr.C & I came up with a bucket list of sorts or “life list” in which we write down our dreams & goals for the future, places we’d like to visit, things we’d like to do, etc. you get the idea!

Year 8 Date – how we spent our 8 year dating anniversary and a look back at where it all started

Truth Is Tuesday –  a post that truly shows how ridiculous and random our life can be…and how cold this apartment is!

So there you have it! Our year in review and a few of our favorite posts!

What are some of your favorite memories from 2011?

xo, Mr.C & Me


6 thoughts on “Recappin’ the 0-1-1 son! …2011 in Review

  1. I love your visual recap of your year, seriously how did you do that!? I like that you included a few of your favorite posts of the year too, I wish I would have done that on mine. Saw that ice skating was on your ‘Life List’ post… you should go down to Rice Park in Minneapolis & skate there $2 to rent skates or free if you bank at Wells Fargo & have proof or you could try the Depot too.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog – I will definitely be back to yours – love it! I love reading other Minnesota bloggers!

    ps. I use a canon EOS 60D

    • Thanks! You should definitely do one for next year’s recap. I actually used Paint (my photoshop skills are rusty and I couldn’t figure out how to do it on picnik). The design is actually based on a bunch of other “year in review” Christmas cards I’ve seen floating around I just used the prompts I liked and added some clip art! Thanks so much for the suggestion about ice skating! I wasn’t sure where to go and you cannot beat $2 – definitely my kind of (cheap) date! I’ll definitely be dragging Mr.C over to Rice Park. P.S. it’s so fun to find other Minnesota bloggers! P.S.S. the canon EOS 60D looks nice! so does the canon Rebel. I’m stalking cameras currently and dreaming about getting a “nice” one…

    • Okay with me? hellz yea girl lol. Thanks! :) I am just stumbling around with the graphics – wish I had the skills to do more haha but it’s fun so far and I enjoy letting the creative juices flow. Let me know if ever want me to “whip” something up for you (ie: obsess for hours over a single image…). I’ll give it the ‘ol college try!

  2. It’s been a year of wows, so true, add L’s HS graduation and first semester of straight A s @ college to the list of celebrations, and Gma’s 85th birthday, still going strong, and just back from a day in the city with her daughters.
    Happy New Year Meg & Ryan,
    love Mom

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