It’s Okay Thursday

For It’s Okay Thursday we link up with the lovely Holly over at Eight Six Eleven and Amber at Brunch With Amber.

It’s Okay…

… that our car got towed! wait!! scratch that. it is so NOT okay that our car was towed last night/this morning. Mr.C went out to leave for work and it had disappeared. After calling around we found the lot it was at & Mr.C took a taxi over. But of course you need to know your car’s plate # and since we are apparently too dumb (okay… dumb and unprepared for adult life apparently) we had to call our amazing insurance lady to get the info. Once at the lot, they tell Mr.C they can’t release the vehicle because the registration is still in my mama’s name. We haven’t gotten our MN registration or driver’s licenses yet. They say they’ll release it if my mama faxes over a copy of her license and a bunch of info. Well guess who is on vacation in the big city for a few days and not near fax machine or even phone for that matter. Yep… But no worries there is some good news! Between the universe looking out for us and Mr.C being extremely well-mannered, sweet, (and as his wife I’ll throw in handsome too!!), the people took pity on us and released the car anyway! Merry Christmas to us!!

that I will now spend the rest of the afternoon organzing all of our important files & gathering any potential important information so that this kind of thing never catches us off guard again!

that even though I’ve seen the Brave New Workshop’s Miracle on 824 Hennepin Ave.: Skyway to the Manger Zone  5+ times/week I still think it’s clever and laugh-out-loud funny. I highly recommend it! And after most shows, they throw on an extra (3rd) act that is completely improv based on audience suggestions.

to think you’re part of the best couple on the planet when you have a super mature conversation about money that does not include one smidgen of an argument.

…to want to make a fort around/above your bed! it’s cozy, warm, and romantic -so sue me! I say forts aren’t just for kids! and I am so gonna make one soon! (images via

to use words that aren’t really words. technicality be damned! case in point: weedle. I may “weedle’ my way in somewhere/something. ie: “Ugh! You’re hogging the whole couch. Let me just weedle in there a little bit!” or when in a crowded room, one may weedle through the people to get from one side of the room to the other. Haha! I have zero idea why I use this word or even where it came from but I do know that everytime I use it Mr.C makes fun of me because “Weedle” is actually a character from Pokemon. *****upon further investigation I think I stole “weedle” from the actual word “wheedle” which is defined as 1. Employ endearments or flattery to persuade someone to do something or give one something: “you can wheedle your way onto a court” 2. Coax or persuade someone to do something. —So, I was on the right track and apparenty just suck at spelling. Okay English Police, you may now arrest me now.  Ha! Oh the things you learn while blogging!

…to not delete the above bullet about “weedle” even though you should because a) although it’s dumb it provides insight into the ridiculous workings of your often confused brain b) you spent far too much time writing & thinking about it already and it’d be a waste if you just got rid of it and c) because know you’ll laugh about it later

that I was super excited about the dusting of snow yesterday because it flipped on the hope switch that we might have a white Christmas afterall!

that I wish I was able to sleep the day away for the sole reason that I might be able to have some more epic dreams! That’s right, my dreams have been “long”, frequent, and super vivid for the past few nights. Night 1: I dreamt that I was a contestant in the Hunger Games. Night 2: Mr.C introduced me to another woman that he wanted to marry. What the?! Yes, he wanted us to become polygomists. (note to self: you must be watching too many episodes of Sister Wives!). Night 3: Running around and hiding in the woods from Nazis. Night 4: I was part of a wagon train on the Oregon Trail! Man, I love how vast and exciting my dream worlds are!

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! And of course, I’m curious…

What are you okay with today?

xo, “Me”

9 thoughts on “It’s Okay Thursday

  1. Sorry to hear about your car! Glad you got it back without too much trouble. Maybe it was your doomsday? Let’s hope right? Maybe it was a sign that you should get your MN license!! :) Only things can get better from here!

  2. …that I’m making a disaster of the kitchen walls because they will look much better when they get painted! I’m in the process of removing 17 year old wall paper that has lots of glue and ripping off some of the drywall…

  3. Best thing about sorta living in the ghetto of Mpls? If and when our cars get towed I could walk to the impound lot. Yep. It’s about 12 or so blocks from our place.

    Also, I need to figure out how to follow you so that I get updates in my google reader. Help a sista out. Do you have a follow button?

    Also, I need to respond to your email. I have been too busy selling my soul to Target, though. On an unrelated note, I am not sure how we’re going to pay rent this month. But our families will have sweet Chrissy pressies.

    Also….I don’t have anything else to say, but I truly hope you have a splendid holiday in Mpls. Efff Mpls and their stupid parking restrictions. I got towed once during a snow emergency (learn these rules before the snow begins to fall, you will thank me later) and I hope it never happens again. BUT (bringing me back to the first paragraph up there), if it does happen (and I am sure the universe will allow it to), I could walk there. See how I brought this full circle? Pure genius if ya ask me.

    • genius indeed! yeah we got towed for some stupid rule about being 5 ft away from the end of a curb? for an alley that no one uses. people park there allll the time – but we just happened to be there at the wrong time i guess. lesson learned. silly rules! and we learned the snow rules right when we moved here! heard too many horror stories of people who got towed.

      no worries about the email! just enjoy your holiday weekend! :) hopefully target is letting you off to enjoy your family/friends for a little while before sending you back to guarding the revolving door and picking up the toy section! ( i walked through there yesterday and it was sa minefield of toys and games that parents let their kids just take off the shelves!). ha! but i’m sure all the presents were way worth it and that everyone will love them~

      chat with you after the holidays! have a good one and safe travels!!

      p.s. to follow us in google reader: near the top left corner in google reader (under the google reader logo) there is a “subscribe” button. click it and a pop up box opens that says “enter search term or blog address”. simply put “” in the box and press add.

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