Truth Is Tuesday

Truth Is…

1. I’m making BBQ pulled pork for dinner tonight per Mr.C’s request. I’m fairly certain he would eat this every day if he could!

2. Our professional wedding photos are ready and we couldn’t be happier! They look fantastic! They are currently up on an online gallery until March so if you are interested in viewing/purchasing them please email me at and I’ll send you the link & the password!

3. The mailman saw me in my pajamas today….and yesterday…and in the same pajamas…. I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m a hermit! Ha! But I can assure you that I did indeed go to work yesterday (got my first paycheck a few days ago too – huzzah!) and that I only recycle my ‘ol jimmyjams if they are still fairly clean. Usually it’s two nights and then done, son! Into the laundry they go!

4. Since my big kid husband still believes in Santa, I knew he’d get a kick out of this little holiday treat: a personalized phone call from the man himself. The “Send A Call From Santa” website is offered by Google and allows you to have Santa Claus call your friends and family and leave them personalized messages. It’s hilarious, fast, and doesn’t cost a thing (well, except for whatever your telephone service provider’s regular fees are). Mr.C texted from work to say he loved his voice mail from Santa! It went a little like this, “Ho Ho Ho Hello, Mr.C! This is Santa Claus, I just spoke with your wife and she told me you have been a very good superhero, and that this year you would like some video games, well my first stop is your house in the big city, so don’t forget to leave me a couple strips of bacon! And be sure to go to bed early so I can bring you a surprise! But no peeking! Alright, dude, Santa has to go pack up the sleigh and feed the reindeer. Happy Holidays!” Bahahahahahaa! Awesome right?! All the words in bold are spots where you get to personalize it from a drop box. I urge you all to try this! Your friends and family will love it.

5. I love pomegranate juice but have never attempted to eat a fresh pom before. I figured some of you hadn’t either so I whipped up a quick tutorial/PSA …Public Pomegranate Service Annoucement:

Well never fear! It’s easier than you think!

Just follow these 4 simple steps:

1. First, grab a knife, cutting board, and bowl. Use your knife to score the pomegranate (appox. 6 times).

2. Slice the top off the pomegranate. Be careful though because the juice will not hesitate to stain your clothing.

3. Push|Brush|Pick|Scoop the seeds into your bowl. Throw any piece of white pith or peel away. Go section by section until all the seeds are out!

4. Stare at your hands and wonder if you blacked out and just murdered someone! Seriously…my kitchen looks like a crime scene! Clean up mess immediately!!

Then pack your bags, empty piggy bank, and jet off to Mexico enjoy your delicious pomegranate seeds!

You can eat them plain, or with a little sugar, blend them up into your own juice concoction, put them on a salad or bowl of oatmeal, or use them to make jellies, jams, or dipping sauces.

They are also great in a glaze, as a garnish, or just as a quick snack!

Well, that’s all the Carty Haus has to offer in way of the truth today!

Hope your week is off to a good start!

xo, “Me”

7 thoughts on “Truth Is Tuesday

    • haha thanks! i could drink gallons of pom juice but it’s so expensive…so i settle for cranberry most of the time. i think the next fruit i want to try to eat is a starfruit!

    • haha i do love Trader Joes! i’ll have to do a taste test between their’s & fresh seeds. p.s. there’s another easy method where you score the pom and break it apart in a bowl of cold water – the seeds sink to the bottom and the white pith&peel float to the top!

  1. I think I am going to sound crazy, but I kind of enjoy the whole process of picking out the seeds! I just had a pomegranate too! You know what else is good? Chocolate covered pomegranate seeds!

    • ooo chocolate covered pomegranate seeds sound delicious! :)

      haha, i like picking the seeds out too. sure it takes awhile, but put some good jams on in the background and it’s a fun activity!

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