Dear Monday

As always, I’m linking up with Happy Day for Dear Monday.

Dear Monday, according to Mr.C you are my Wednesday and his Tuesday this week. Hurray for days off work! Thanks Christmas!

Dear Apartment, you are a disaster yet again. Although we managed to do 2 loads of laundry yesterday- that only made a mere dent in ‘ol Mount Washmore, and the 3x we did dishes this week still left us with a pile of glasses and mound of silverware, plus our bedroom/living room is littered with christmas gift boxes that we need to mail, and  the fort of recyclables that growing ever larger in the kitchen (anyone know where we can drop them off @ in Minneapolis? our apt building doesn’t do recycling…). Our apologies for not mainting your high Studio Standards but we are starting to think you might be a bit unrealistic since you reside in a building that also has garages that only fit clown cars, dryers that don’t fully dry your clothing, drafty windows that make it Operation Ice Box every night, an annoying guy that moves furniture every freakin’ evening (I swear!) plus plays bass guitar at random hours of the day (loudly!), plus the people a few dooors down who cook weird (smelly!) foods that leave the scent of bacon and other unidentifiable dinner smells lingering in our hallway for days. Ohh apartment living! ;)

Dear Hot Cocoa, you haven’t been needed a lot this week thanks for the strangely warm weather but no worries the second it starts to snow you know Mr.C & I will discend upon you like locusts. Paired with a spoonful of Nutella and some graham crackers for dipping – pure winter perfection.

Dear Blogger Map, I’m major crushing on you! (*salute* Major Crushing! haha oh I love How I Met Your Mother!) Anyway, I read a lot of blogs but not many of them are based out of Minneapolis/St.Paul, which is totally okay, but it’s just kinda cool to read about places you know sometimes. After reading about Minneapolis on Being Zhenya and then being lucky enough to hangout with Zhenya, the lovely blogger herself, a few weeks ago – my interest in checking out other blogs in the area was piqued. Enter Blogger Map! Linked from Latte Love, the Blog Directory Map is really neat – you enter your blog name as well as your city & state and you’ll be added to the map. It’s a great way to check out other blogs in your area and maybe make some new friends too. Click the button below to check it out:

Dear Adorable Black Sweater-style Tights, how sad I was when you ripped at work last week. As I plan my outift for today, Black Skirt and I shall mourn your loss.

Dear Christmas Day, you have become infinitely more exciting now that we’ve added sleeping in and dinner @ Mr.C’s Uncle’s to the agenda. Our respect families will be missing us for sure (as we will be missing them as well!) but will certainly be happy to know we’ll be spending a meal with some family at least!

Dear New Music Monday, as my laptop is still out of commission I haven’t be able to download any new tunes recently. So we’ll have to stick with old favorites today!

“What I Wouldn’t Do” – A Fine Frenzy

“Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” – Vampire Weekend

“Cinderella” – Longhorne Slim

And there you have it! Happy Monday everyone!

xo, “Me”


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