Truth is Tuesday

Truth Is…

1. I just noticed a lot of pictures on the blog aren’t working! That makes me sad – especially since I’m unable to get onto my own computer to fix them. So here’s hoping I can figure something out soon!

2. Despite thrifting this weekend, I still only have 2 work shirts. I found a super cute sweater at Goodwill this weekend but sadly not a button-up to be found – although I did try on about a hundred! So I shall have to continue being a major lamepants and alternating between the only two I own. How depressing.

3. I spruced up the living room and am totally in love with it. It’s amazing what a few white twinkle lights & paper trees can do! I must’ve told Mr.C, “aw, look at our christmas tree!” a zillion times last night. Who cares if it’s only made out of green construction paper and tape and that the paper star on top is crooked! I think it’s adorable. Plus our new shelf turned Mr.C’s dresser is the perfect place to display our holiday cards (all 3 of them! lol) Sorry for the poor cell-phone quality photos….again, both my laptop and camera are out of commission….

4. I’m still too nervous to eat before work. Meaning by the time I get home I’m ravenous! I’m not sure what it is but even after working there a week I’m still too full of butterflies to stomach eating something before I go in for my shift. It’s odd and I hope it goes away soon!

5. I’m supersuper stoked that we’ll be getting our pro. wedding pictures back soon! Mr.C & I are both excited to see them and will probably get all obnoxiously mushy & nostalgic about our big day.

6. I’m the worst dish washer there ever was. Seriously! It’s like a constant battle over here between me and the stacks of dishes. Crossing my fingers that one day I’ll own a dishwasher or at least a bigger sink! And you know dish washing will be #1 on the Chore Charts when we have kids haha

7. The older I get, the more I like my natural hair color. Besides my bestie, E., and a few others – it seems like I’m the only person that hasn’t colored their hair at some point. Honestly. I’ve never dyed it or even put in highlights or streaks. In high school I used to daydream about coloring it a darker shade of brown or even jet black or maybe even a nice scarlet red. But now I’m very happy with my natural color. It gets darker in the winter, lightens in the summer, has it’s own streaks of auburn red and gold when the sun hits it so call me vain – but I like it – and it cost me $0.00 which makes the bargain shopper in me even happier!

8.I don’t hold a pen or pencil the way you’re “supposed to”. When I do it the “correct” way my hand aches and I write much slower. So instead I write the “incorrect” way – more specifically the way depicted in the far bottom right corner – and it works out fine!


Ha! What random fun facts. Hope you enjoyed Truth is Tuesday!

What’s your truth?

xo, “Me”


8 thoughts on “Truth is Tuesday

  1. Truth is…. we went a little overboard on Christmas presents, especially me. I refuse to tally the amount spent in any way; not on paper or in my head, not even an estimated figure. But, we have been buying things since mid September and some things were quite inexpensive. And who cares? This is the first year EVER that we both have decent jobs.

    • amen! lol it was either last year or the year before that i went crazy w/ the xmas gifts and spent at ton of $ (but it bought a lot!)…and i didn’t even have a job hehe but christmas is fun when you find those “perfect” presents for people. :)

  2. Your trees and lights are very cute! We don’t have a dishwasher either *sigh* so I know how you’re feeling. There are times when the pile gets bigger.. and I procrastinate more.

    • aw thanks! they definitely helped liven up the place a bit! ….haha and i know the feeling! and we have no counterspace so they pile up on the table and the stove…it’s a hot mess in here lol….

  3. What a cute Christmas scene! Love those little white lights – I have them all over my house and look forward to setting them up every season.
    Who wants work clothes anyway – boring! Keep wearing the same two and spend your dollars on something fun. Anxiety is normal in our family so I understand the butterflies all too well but you know as you gain confidence and work becomes routine, it will all be better.

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