Pop Over

Just popping over for a quick check in!

Work went well both Friday & Saturday night. Friday night I worked the lobby and ETC Theatre where the Danger Committee was performing their “Stocking Full of Awesome” juggling/knife throwing variety show. It’s pretty hilarious and very impressive to watch. They even juggle tasers! I also worked the coat check and got $19 in tips! Sahweeet. Saturday, I worked upstairs for the main stage show – Brave New Workshop’s  Miracle at 824 Hennepin Ave: Skyway to the Manger Zone”. It’s a really funny sketch comedy show about Christmas and they have a lot of song parodies, faux-commericals, ridiculous sketches about common holiday happenings, oh and sometimes after the show they do 45 mins of improv. It was a long night, but a good one. I am finally getting the hang of their seating plan upstairs (but boy is it confusing!).

I also got to feel all fancypantsimportante ‘cuz I got put in charge of the walkie talkie. In addition to ushering, I also helped reset the seating area/event space and buss all the bar glasses. We were all joking that we’re now on the BNW diet = busy busy busy + not a lot of time for eating +lots of stairs + lots of lifting = some pretty svelte ushers! Ha! (no worries though mama I am still eating!!). Thankfully, I finally get a break from work as I am off today and tomorrow. Then back to work in Tuesday where I’ll spend most of the week in the Box Office. I’m a little nervous as I don’t think I’ve been trained as well as I should be yet (esp. for making sales!) but I’m sure it’ll all work out in the end.

Mr.C & I are now off f0r much needed groceries! I also hope to swing by a Goodwill or Savers to grab some more button up shirts (that’s the BNW uniform dontchakno…) as well as maybe some cheap holiday decorations/lights from Dollar Tree. Then it’ll just be a lazy Sunday as usual at the ‘ol Carty Haus! Hope you’re all having a good weekend! 

 xo, “Me”


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