Workin’ Girl

and an exhausted workin’ girl at that.

It’s 1:30 in the afternoon and I swear I could sleep for days. Now I totally know how Mr.C’s been feeling these last 3 months. Can you believe it’s been that long already….

Yesterday I hopped on the bus and headed downtown to start my first day of work at the Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre which will from now on be referred to as the BNW. I stopped by Target first to pick up a button up shirt (to accompany the bow-tie remember?) and thank god for gift cards ‘cuz I forgot how expensive professional clothes can be. Well that and the fact that I rarely shop at “real” stores anymore – thriftin’s all I know. Needless to say I’ll be trekking to Goodwill or Savers tomorrow morning to pick up some snazzy new duds – can’t wear the same shirt everyday.

Anyway, as the sun started to go down over Minneapolis, I walked through the doors of the BNW and was immediately put to work.


Over the course of the evening I got a tour, met the majority of the staff (and remembered approximately 33% of the names), was given a quick run-down of my duties, ushered/greeted in the lobby for 2 shows (they have 2 theaters, one downstairs, one upstairs – last night one show at 7:30, the other was at 8), also received a brief overview of the box office (which I’ll be training in today actually), cleaned the bathroom, had a nice chat with another usher, C., and the bouncer (who is a super cool dude from the East Coast who says “youse”), popped in to see the last half of a show (there was knife throwing involved and it was ridiculous!), then spent a solid hour and a half with the rest of the staff setting up/rearranging the lower theater for a corporate event (which is taking place today).

It was one long and busy day. We worked 5-11:30 pm. 

My feet hurt from standing for hours and the rest of my body aches from lifting tables, carrying chairs, and moving couches. This job will definitely be a work out. Oh and did I mention that some nights the ushers double as bar-backs/bussers. Yeppp…. think of this job as a culmination of my time in TLP’s box office and my short stint at the restaurant at Lake Carroll.

I work tonight training in the Box which should be interesting. Got a peek at their software last night and it doesn’t seem to bad. They use the same old A-Z boxes we had at TLP and the staff was sharing stories about the crazy patrons so I’m sure I’ll feel right at home.

Then Friday & Saturday I’m back to ushering – the weekends are usually sold out so I’m sure it’ll be busy busy. Example: Friday night there’s 3 shows @ 7:30, 8 and 10pm. Run-time is roughly two hours (including intermission) so I expect to be there well past midnight on Friday. Mr.C says that now I’ll be a night owl like him.

And for the worried mamas out there, Mr.C was kind enough to pick me up from work last night (and will do so any other nights I work! – he’s seriously the best!). There are a bunch of bars down on Mini-Apple’s “theatre row” and the drunks can get dicey as the evening goes one. Case In Point: The weirdo that walked into the theater yelling about how expensive tickets were and then asking if we were going to see a movie together tonight? Uh, no thanks buddy.

Case In Point Numero Dos: Our fabulous bouncer went outside to help a young 20-something off of the sidewalk, she was super wasted, very confused, and couldn’t even walk a few feet. It was only 8:30pm. He tried to help her to a bench but she wandered off into the parking lot where a guy latched onto her. We assume he didn’t know her. Creep. Needless to say the bouncer immediately called the police and watched ’til they got there. Sometimes this world is such a disappointment. So thankful we have a bouncer who is looking out for the lost young ladies of this world. She could have wandered into traffic or been taken advantage of or who else knows what….

Anyway, enough of that depressing talk. I’m off to work in a few hours and while I don’t have the energy to do a full Wordless Wednesday AND It’s Okay Thursday post – I know how much you all love them (or at least in my head you do! lol) and since I don’t want to neglect it completely I figured I’d do bit-size versions of them right now instead. If you’re still not full & truly missing the main entrée feel free to revisit some of the old theme posts in the archives

Wordless Wednesday

Hilarious spoof! West Side Story meets the World Wide Web! Definitely worth a watch!

It’s Okay Thursday

For It’s Okay Thursday we link up with the lovely Holly over at Eight Six Eleven and Amber at Brunch With Amber.

It’s Okay…

….to use your husband’s computer to blog since yours is on the fritz (it’s still struggling to charge, maybe the battery is worn out? i have a macbook, 2009, if anyone can offer suggestions…the power cord just flashes amber, never the solid color which means it never gets to charge….)

…to be too tired to eat. okay, so this i’m not completely okay with since i absolutely adore food, but what can i say, work wore me out! i fell asleep within 15 mins of being home last night – with a half eaten apple next to my bed. how sad…

…to be super excited to receive holiday cards in the mail! (you guys are too sweet!)

…that i don’t really like Christmas songs as much as everybody else seems to. Don’t get me wrong i love a few songs but not everything. And i don’t need to hear it 24/7.

…and that in light of the above comment – to be thrilled that the BNW rocks out to the Beatles in their lobby!

…to be slowly shifting from a girl who only wears pants (i even hate shorts!) to a girl who occasionally dabbles in skirts/tights/and boots. what can i say? the trend is growing on me! besides all dress pants are way too long for my garden gnome physique.

So there you have it!!

Thanks for sticking with me as I get my lazy butt in gear by joining the workforce. Blogging might be a little more sporadic for the next week or so but I’ll try to keep up! Promise.

xo, “Me”


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