Truth is Tuesday

Truth Is…

1. I start my new job tomorrow and I’m 5/8 excited + 1/4 nervous+ 4/32 scared. Hopefully those combined will add up to 1 successful first day!

2.I have kept a running list of baby names since I was a teenager. No not because we’re having a baby…jeez people! Haha, not for a more years – at the least! No, I have just always loved names. It started when I used to write stories or role play online and then after that well I just kept saving them for the future. I collect names in the same manner that I do songs, scraps of pretty paper, or coins. Which leads me to the next truth….

3. I found a 1945 penny under the baseboard in our apartment and I totally nerded out! Ah, my love for the 1940s surprised even me yesterday. I was beyond thrilled to find that little penny! Oh, the stories it could tell.



4. The radiator is hissing and wailing like a banshee and it’s sorta freakin’ me out. Honestly, it sounds like it could blow at any second! On a different note…

5. I love riding in the car. Always have always will. I like to sit and stare out the window, listen to music, lip-sync in the side mirrors, and more often than not I eventually fall asleep. Yes, cars definitely put me to sleep! I also like to drive but prefer to do so on the interstate. Cars are such a great place for talking, for sharing, for thinking. They are also a great place for singing. Loudly. I honestly think sometimes the only reason I like being in the car is because it gives me yet another excuse to switch on some tunes.

So what’s your truth for today?

xo, “Me”


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