Lets recap yah’ll! ;)

Friday, Dec. 2:

Pretty uneventful. We stayed in, ordered pizza, and watched a horrible German zombie movie. It’s “Extintion: The G.M.O Chronicles” if you care. The concept was good but the execution was definitely lacking. The zombies ran too fast and the acting of the main characters was less than satisfying. Add in some gun action, zombie carnage, a few ripped off ideas from Left 4 Dead, and parkour – yes that parkour – and you basically have this movie. 

Saturday, Dec. 3:

Ran errands at the post office and bank then moseyed over to the mall where we spent a few hours lunching, people watching, walking in circles, andcompleting our christmas shopping list (except for 1 gift).


I guess large doesn’t really cover it… HUGE is more like it!

Fun facts!

*It takes five workers more than an hour to hang each of the giant ornaments.

*They begin by bringing the ornament to the second floor in a freight elevator. They roll the ornament out to the ledge of the court where there is a tall lift and a cherry picker. The bulb is put on the cherry picker, positioned and then the operator of the tall lift helps attach the cables.

*This year the MOA ornaments are teal, silver and opal. Those 8 feet in diameter weigh 300 pounds and those 5 feet in diameter weighs 200 pounds.

That’s Christmas in America for ya! Although they are pretty impressive to look at….

Anyway, after finishing our shopping, we exited the mall only to find it had started to snow. We quickly ducked into IKEA to pick up our Christmas present to ourselves – another set of IKEA’s expedit shelves in white (image from pinterest):

Ha! I wish our place looked like that!

We did purchase a few baskets/bins to make the unit more “dresser-like” as that is what we plan to use it for in our apartment. Our closet is just too tiny to house shoes, clothes, winter wear for two people.

After packing the car and driving 25mph home, we spent the rest of the evening building the shelving unit, eating left overs, laughing at How I Met Your Mother (it’s finally on Netflix!), and watching the snow pile up. We ended up with approximately 4 inches according to the weather report.

Sunday, Dec. 4:

Waking up before the Mr., I took advantage of the alone time by editing some pictures, jotting down ideas for future blog posts, and watching “The Ides of March”. It was a pretty good movie and definitely satisfied my “West Wing” fix…oh how I miss that show!

The afternoon we spent just lounging around. Mr.C has been plugged into this video game since he woke up. “Assassin’s Creed Revelations” if you care. 

Then we dressed as warmly and in as many layers as possible and caught the bus downtown. There we met up with Zhenya & her friend, K.. Zhenya is the fashionable and sweet author of the blog Being Zhenya: Bringing NYC style to Minneapolis and she kindly invited us to tag along with them to the Holidazzle parade. A Minneapolis favorite, the holiday parade lights up Nicollet Avenue and features dozens of illuminated floats, whimsical & elaborately costumed characters, live choir music, marching bands, and of course Santa Claus.


We had a really great time despite the fact that it was a little chilly. Spreading blankets out on the curb we watched as the floats rolled by. It was like a mini-Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade -and after seeing this one – I can’t imagine how nice their 4th of July parade must be! Plus it was a treat to be able to relax and enjoy the show for once because for years in high school marching band we were always in the parade, never in the audience!

My favorites from the parade?!

Top Left: Peter Pan float with my main man, Captain Hook!

Bottom Left: Marching Band! It was about 25 deg. last night and I cannot imagine playing a clarinet in that! So props to them!

Top Right & Bottom Right: You all know my love for Wizard of Oz / Wicked. The Wicked Witch was pretty awesome, all lit up in green, and riding a bicycle -and below her – the happy foursome + Toto skip along the yellow brick road.


Anyway, a huge thanks again to Zhenya for inviting us out! It made for a very enjoyable evening. Besides it’s always fun to meet a fellow blogger in “real life”!


As for the rest of the night, lets just say we definitely got our “hot cocoa and How I Met Your Mother” on!

Hope you all had a good weekend! “Mr.C & Me” will be back later today with our regular “Dear Monday” programming!

xo, “Me”


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