How to Clean Wax out of a Jar Candle

So amidst my cleaning of the kitchen I got sidetracked!

I was cleaning up pieces of sea glass which I’d been sorting and while I knew I wanted to put them on display I wasn’t really feeling my original idea (glue them to a canvas and frame them). Looking at the low-burning candle on the table gave me a grand idea!! I’d clean it out, place a tea candle in it and surround that little candle with pieces of sea glass. The glow of the candle would illuminate the glass and I figured it’d look pretty cool.

However I was stuck! How was I supposed to get all that wax out of my candle jar?

Thanks to a wiki how-to & a few youtube tutorials I found lots of ways to do it. Put it in the oven, in a bot of boiling water, freezing it and tap it out, etc. Yet for some reason these seemed kinda dangerous (okay way dangerous if you consider who would be doing all this!), so I settled on this method, which worked like a charm:

How to Clean Wax out of a Jar Candle

#1 – Get a candle

I let mine burn lower than this usually but for some reason this one was being tricky & stopped burning early! I shall miss you delicious pineapple candle…


#2 Place the candle in hot water

You could do this while doing dishes or put it in a bowl of water like I did. Just make sure the water is as hot! Let it soak for 3-5mins.


#3 Use a knife to pop out the wax

Test the candle wax by putting a butter knife around the edge. If you can easily slip it in and out then it’s probably ready. Usually the wax will pop right out with a lift or slight pull with a knife. I like this because it takes the whole piece of wax out at once, is less messy than the other methods, and you don’t have to worry about burning yourself on hot melted wax.


#4 Clean the jar

I washed mine out with hot water & dish soap and wiped it out with a paper towel. I also took the remaining labels off. Once your jar is residue & wax free the possibilities are truly endless!


#5 Do something awesome & creative with your jar!

There are zillions of things you can do with your empty jar. For example you could use it as a candy jar, pen holder, hair-tie or jewelry dish. It could hold buttons, q-tips, bandaids, paper clips, or loose change. You could melt your own wax, make a new candle, and use this as the jar.

You could pot a plant in it… (without the plastic pot of course!)


…or use it to display your sea glass collection like I did!


Apologies for the red candle, it’s the only one I had on hand. I plan to re-do this little project with a much taller jar and white candle. But for tutorial purposes this worked well!

Hopefully some of you found this helpful!

Let me know what you’d do with a cleaned out candle jar!

xo, “Me”


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